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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Latest News on Astrology Sign Compatibility

Astrology sign compatibility is the most sought after topic today. Most people wonder whether the compatibility study based on astrology will help them find the right partner or help them to connect to a mate.

There have been elaborative studies and researches of this topic for a long time. Experts in this field widely use the concept of astrology sign compatibility to indicate the compatibility between lovers, life partners, friends and family. In this process, each person?s natal horoscope is compared and analyzed. Thereafter, the manner in which the two astrology charts interconnect scrutinized. The effect of astrology charts in a relationship is also taken in to consideration. The process displays the hindrance or assistance of each person in maintaining a relationship. The utilization of astrology sign compatibility is a great way to deal with many other aspects of life.

As per the latest news on Astrology sign compatibility, it has been proved that having an astrology sign compatibility reading is a sure shot way of putting your personal life on the fast track.

Any type of relationship between two individuals can be easily predicted via this process. You can also gain valuable information on how to avoid disturbances, grief and disputes in a personal or professional relationship.

The Astrology sign compatibility reading can let you avoid years of confusion, frustration and problems in a relationship. You don?t require taking chance in a relationship. All you require doing is to get astrology sign compatibility reading for your relationship.

If you consider astrology sign compatibility as a mere comparison between the sun signs, you are wrong. There is much more to this concept than just an ordinary comparison between the sun signs.

Experts consider starting the process of analysis with the sun signs but it is only one of the first major steps taken to precede the process. There are several other factors considered in this regard.

The mystical art of astrological chart compatibility is complex as well as amazing. It can easily put a great impact on an individual reading it and the one who gets it read. Astrologers are not similar personalities. Hence, they have their own individual pet theories associated to the subject of astrology sign compatibility. Some astrologers believe in adopting diverse options for this subject.

People who are truly interested in the art of astrological compatibility and keen to know more about the compatibility rate with another individual may have to be really patient.

The reason is that an astrologer may spend several hours to understand the compatibility chart. People are usually asked certain important questions regarding their personal details such as date of birth, place where they were born and the time at which they were born. All the above-mentioned details are important for an astrologer to determine an individual?s compatibility with another person.

The concept of astrology sign compatibility has gained immense popularity over the last few years.

The latest reports on this wonderful concept of determining compatibility rate in a relationship suggest that it has a wide acceptance across the globe. People have started understanding the importance of this science.

Bill Cook is an avid fan of astrology and psychic phenomenon, you can see his reviews of many of the better psychic sites at his site,

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Tips For Finding The Best Astrology Book

Most people love to purchase astrology books in order to understand the mysterious science that influences their lives. The reason is that people are curious to know more about the science that has the potential to predict future and analyze the personality and other traits of a person. Visit a book shop and you would find astrology books in abundance. In earlier days, the sacred scriptures of this science were available to only some experts and learned ones in this field. These days, books on astrology can be easily bought from a local bookstore, found in public libraries and on the internet.

However, there are certain important things you need to understand when it comes to purchasing astrology book.

Astrology is a vast topic and the features of the topic cannot be covered in a single book. There are different types of Astrology and each type of astrology can be explained in several books together.

Here are certain tips for purchasing the best astrology book for yourself.

a) Understand your interest:
Spending money on any book related to astrology can be a waste of time. You need to understand that there are several types of astrology. You need to understand the essence of each type of astrology and the one you would be most interested in, prior to purchasing a book. For instance, psychological astrology uses symbolic language to determine personality elements, astro-meteorology predicts the weather, Synastry compares natal charts to find relations, medical astrology predicts potential health problems, mundane astrology makes horoscopes, esoteric astrology is the astrology of soul and Horary astrology looks for an answer to any question asked according to the date and time of birth. Now, you require analyzing the type of astrology you are most interested in and then start searching for a book under the category.

b) Research:
You need to make a lot of research before you purchase a book on astrology. Visit as many book stores as you can and compare books according to your interests and specification mentioned on it.

c) Internet:
Internet is the best option for purchasing a book on astrology. You can find endless options online and even look for the ratings of each book before purchasing one.

d) Recommendations and rating:
This is really important when purchasing a book on astrology. Always look for lists of recommended books and books referenced in bibliographies. Don?t forget to have a look on ratings given to different books on astrology by the readers. This will help you choose the best book available for learners.

e) Author:
Make sure that the author of the astrology book you are purchasing is reputed and recognized widely for his/her work.

Learning astrology is not difficult. Many people have gained expertise in this art via reading good books and spending quality time to learn the essence of astrology. The key is to find a good book on astrology and the one that holds your interest. You must also find out whether there is a book on the lines you are studying that you have enjoyed reading in the past.

Bill Cook is an avid fan of astrology and psychic phenomenon, you can see his reviews of many of the better psychic sites at his site,

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Astrology of Being Happy - How to Lead a Happy Life With Astrology

The origin of astrology dates back to about 2900 BC. People consider it as a pious belief on certain powers that affect our life. There are some people who believe that astrology is a science. It can be defined as the art and science of the study of relationships between people and events on earth. The positions, aspects and movement of the sun, moon and eight planets also rule astrology.

All the above-mentioned movements have great influence in human life.

Most people believe that astrology can predict future. However, it is necessary to consider this science as an incredible tool that can help you find the essence of life. The study of astrology and your birth chart by experts will let you learn the proficiency, qualities and talents that you have carried in to this world from previous lives. This will further help you in sharing these qualities and contributing your skills to the wellbeing of this world. The planets have differing qualities of energy and they affect a person?s life in different ways.

Astrology helps you leading a happy and peaceful life. Experts in this field believe that the sign each individual is born under was assigned for a reason. The reason becomes visible as one ages and contributes his/her talents and qualities to this world. Astrology is a path that directs us measures to enrich our lives. These measures are effective in building a better and happy life for ourselves.

Astrology points us to people who are compatible to us and allows us to choose friends who can be true company in the long run. The compatibility analysis through astrology leads us to true love of our lives. This is the best way to lead happy life in matrimony.

One of the major influences of astrology in our lives is via the birth chart. The symbols of unfoldment, transits and progression in a birth chart let us visualize the activities and circumstances in store for us in the near future. One can effectively analyze the period when certain issues are most likely to occur in our lives. For instance, the rule of Pluto in mars is a crystal clear indication of the arrival of issues related to anger and assertion in near future.

A birth chart in Astrology has the potential to predict the tendency of a child to perform certain activities in his/her life. The negative and positive traits of a child can also be explored via this science. This will help you in ascertaining the opportunities in your child?s life. You can also choose an education pattern or career for a child with the help of predictions by the birth chart of your child.

There is a great significance of celestial bodies and planets in our lives. Astrology believes that these elements control various activities in an individual?s life and even possess the tendency to transform certain things happening in one?s life. The sun is responsible to provide us the confidence and contributes to our success. A weak sun is an indication of obscure and dull existence. The moon controls our emotions and tendency to be happy and contented in life. Mars facilitates us to push forward and reach our goals. The mercury influences intelligence, communication and our potential to lead a happy life. Jupiter is our teacher and the Venus keeps us in a harmonized position. Saturn is a difficult planet and lets us perform our duties in routine. It is usually understood as the planet of sorrow and detachment.

Astrology has great influence in our lives. It is important to understand the science rather than fearing it. Understanding the importance of astrology in life will help you lead a happy and prosperous life.

Bill Cook is an avid fan of astrology and psychic phenomenon, you can see his reviews of many of the better psychic sites at his site,

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Love Astrology - When Will You Find Love? The Most Important Aspects To Look For

Timing is everything. Astrology holds the key to timing.

Love and astrology has it's own special timing, and there are indications within your progressed chart that will help you hone into those special years when someone new will be coming into your life or it's an indication of a marriage year.

First you have to have your natal chart in order to compare your progressed chart to it. There are three progressed charts to work with. There's your forwarded directed chart, converse directed chart, and your solar arc progressed chart.

When you get your progressed charts, you can begin to compare them to your natal chart (a three wheel chart is recommended). Each planet progresses at a different rate, and when one of your love planets progresses to make an aspect to one of your natal ? or another progressed - love planet you have a love year, bringing you either a new love relationship or possibly a marriage year !

Aspects that are formed by the progressed planet to the natal planet are the strongest, but you will also see them making aspects to the other progressed planets. I've seen love connections when converse to converse were seen, and progressed to converse, but most importantly progressed to natal. In many cases you'll find up to 3 of these indicators from all or any of these combinations.

Here's a list of what to look for, the planet in bold is the progressed planet, the other planets can be natal or progressed. And numero uno love planet is Venus of course!

  • Venus - Sun, Moon, Mars, Ascendant, Descendant, MC, IC, Chiron, Jupiter, and any planet in your 7th house or your 7th house ruler.
  • Mars - Sun, Venus, Angles, 7th house planets and rulers.
  • Sun - Venus, Moon, Mars, Angles (especially the Descendant) and Chiron.
  • Moon - Venus, Sun, Mars, 7th house planet or ruler.
  • Progressed Ascendant/Descendant ? Venus, Moon, Sun, Jupiter, 7th house planets and rulers.
  • Progressed MC/IC Angle ? Venus, Moon, Mars, 7th house planet Or 7th house ruler.

The aspects seen most frequently are conjunction, trine, and the sextile. However, squares and oppositions are noted as well.

The most frequently seen aspects for love in astrology are between these planets in order:

  • Venus/Mars
  • Sun/Venus
  • Sun/Mars
  • Sun/Moon
  • Moon/Venus and Moon/Mars
  • Any of the love planets to the Angles and 7th house ruler

And one more to look at is your Arabic Part of Marriage and love planets making an aspect to this point.

When you are comparing your progressed love planets to

natal/ progressed planets, look for an orb within 1 degree.

Look for Venus to work her magic from the time the aspect is exact to 1 degree after. Mars works a bit faster, look for an orb 1 degree before to exact. All the others are in the works anytime the orb is within one degree - before or after.

To fine tune the timing of when a new love or a marriage will take place look to the transits that set off the progressions.

If you are already in a love relationship and you are looking for a marriage year this works too!

That gives you an overview of love - astrology style.

Beverly is passionate about astrology and believes it is a valuable resource to understanding ourselves, our relationships, and ultimately the process of life. She has a web site that focuses on astrology reports (natal, compatibility and transits) and many pages on astrology. She adds personal commentary and examples and has many examples from her astrology reports. Check out her section on compatibility for info on your relationships at her website

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Faqs On Astrology Symbols

The art of astrology can be referred to as a language of symbols. Your natal chart serves as a guide to the potentials in the language of astrology. There are several symbols of astrology including the planets, zodiac signs, houses, nodes of the moon and aspects.

The astrology symbols play an effective role in our lives. These symbols influence various activities in an individual?s life in many ways. People often wonder how. There are several questions frequently asked by people to remove confusions they have about astrology and its symbols.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on astrology symbols with answers.

a) How do we determine our signs and symbols in astrology?
a) Signs and symbols in astrology are interchangeable. Signs can be referred to as the objects or ideas that indicate certain important things clearly. It can be the arrival of hardship, wealth, happiness, grief or losses in one?s life. Symbols are linked to signs in astrology. The meaning of symbols is deep. Symbols can be referred to as something more serious than itself. For instance, the sun is a symbol for something more than just an element such as warmth, power, success, hope, light and creativity.

b) Why are individuals with same sun sign as different?
b) Most people are under a notion that sharing same sun sign makes a person share same traits and personality with the other. This is not true. When an astrologer prepares a personalized chart, the position of all the planets is taken in to consideration in order to analyze the psychological makeup of an individual, along with the sun. The individual planets move at varied speeds and will be at various parts of the zodiac backdrop as time moves forward. Now, if two people are born under the same position of the sun on the same date, the position of the planets may not be the same. The interpretation of the birth chart and the personalized forecasts is done by the position of other planets.

c) How do we determine our sign and symbols?
c) There are some common methods adopted by astrologers to determine sign and symbols. The birth date of a person determines a birthday symbol. This is also known as the zodiac sign or the astrological sign of the person. The Native American Astrological Symbols are provided to a person via dreams, meditation and trance states.

d) What is a rising sign or Ascendant?
d) The rising sign or ascendant is the zodiac sign that rises on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. This is the reason astrologers emphasize on the time of birth to calculate the rising sign.

e) Why are signs and symbols relevant to one?s life?
e) Experts believe that astrology symbols run rampant through run lives and influence our day-to-day activities. These signs give us time and opportunity to understand the real picture of our lives.

Astrology symbols have great importance in the art of astrology and our lives. Learning more about them can make our lives easy.

Bill Cook is an avid fan of astrology and psychic phenomenon, you can see his reviews of many of the better psychic sites at his site,

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Is Astrology Real? No It Is Made Up

I will be quick. I am a scientist.

So what you may ask. Well, I look at the world as a scientist does. I look for repeating patterns and I look for realistic and reproducible results.

As a scientist, if I boil water and measure its temperature, I expect it to reach boiling point at 100 degrees Celsius or 212 Fahrenheit. Not more and not less (unless there were differing environmental conditions in which case the boiling point would change but would be easily predictable).

I look for order. I can ratify things that I have checked with theory. I can show others what I have done to achieve this and if they did the same then they would get the near-same results. I could make a hypothesis 9a good guess) as to what would happen with my experiments.

As a scientist, if I dropped a ball over a cliff I know what would happen to it. If I rolled a ball along a table, I could accurately predict its path, speed and stopping position.

I was going to say that this is why I find difficulty with the idea of astrology being able to either influence or predict the lives and patterns of humans. But I do not find difficulty with it. And the reason for this is that it is all made up.

The movement of the planets are simply that ? movements. Alignments may change gravitational pulls and other measurable principles but it won't change the lives of people. Birth dates are simply dates on which someone was born and the notion that the particular movement and pattern of planets and other celestial bodies on that date could have any influence is simply simplistic and misinformed.

It makes money though.

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