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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What is Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is the study of positions of heavenly bodies like Sun, Moon, Mars etc. with respect to the zodiac and the interpretation of the effect of such heavenly bodies on the events in earth in the life of an individual or a country or the whole world. It is called Vedic Astrology, because the principles on which the study and interpretations are made were first enumerated in the 'Vedas' - the first treatise of ancient Hindu philosophy.

What is Zodiac?

What is Zodiac? If we imagine a path in the sky at approximately 18 degrees arc in the width encircling the earth in an east west direction, groups of stars will appear to be apparently fixed with respect to earth along this imaginary path. There are 27 groups of stars in the path which are recognized by Vedic Astrology. These groups of stars in the imaginary path are called zodiac. This zodiac forms the reference for fixing up the position of any planet or star in the sky. Since this zodiac is encircling the earth it can be measured as 360 degrees, where these 27 groups of stars are evenly placed, hence each of them have a span of 360 degrees/27 = 13 degrees 20' arc.

What are Zodiac Signs or Rashis?

When the zodiac is divided into 12 equal parts each having a span of 30 degrees arc, then each of this arc is called a zodiac sign. A sign, therefore, will consist of 2 ? groups of stars. A particular group of stars called Ashwini, in the zodiac is considered the starting point of the zodiac and is called the star no.1. Similarly, there are individual name for the 26 group of stars. Ashwini(1), Bharini(2), Krittika(3) are the first three stars in the zodiac. As stated earlier, the first span of 30 degrees arc in the zodiac will consist of Ashwini, Bharini and ? of Krittika constitute the first zodiac sign called 'Aries'. The name of the remaining 11 zodiac signs after 'Aries' are : Taurus(2), Gemini(3), Cancer(4), Leo(5), Virgo(6), Libra(7), Scorpio(8), Sagittarius(9), Capricorn(10), Aquarius(11) and Pisces(12).

What are Heavenly Bodies?

Influencing the events on earth Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu all loosely termed as planets, appear to revolve around the earth continuously while always staying within the limits of zodiac. Vedic astrology in the ancient text had recognized these 9 entities. Out of which, the Sun is a star. Moon is the satellite of earth. Rahu and Ketu are two mathematical points on the zodiac and the rest are planets. Modern Vedic Astrologers also consider the effect of distant planets like Neptune, Uranus and Pluto.

What is an Ecliptic?

The apparent movement or path of the Sun along the zodiac is called the Ecliptic. The ecliptic passes through the center of zodiac and is inclined at an angle of 23 degrees and 28 minutes to the center of zodiac.

What are Rahu and Ketu?

Moon's apparent path around the earth intersects the ecliptic obliquely at two points called the 'Nodes'. The point where the Moon crosses the ecliptic from south to north is called the ascending node or 'Rahu' when it crosses the ecliptic from north to south is called the descending node or 'Ketu'. These 2 points are 6 zodiac signs or 180 degrees apart. The position of these two points with respect to zodiac signs are of equal importance to position of other planets with respect to zodiac sign in Vedic astrology.

What is Ascendant/Rising Sign?

The ecliptic passes through the center of the zodiacal belt which extends 9 degrees on its either(north or south) side. The planets remain within the limits of the zodiac. The earth rotates around its axis once in twenty four hours from west to east. As a consequence, all planets appear to revolve around the earth from east to west once in twenty four hours. The zodiac with its stars and signs fixed upon it also appears to revolve around the earth from east to west once in every 24 hours. Thus, all points on signs and stars on the zodiac will appear to successfully rise in the eastern horizon and set at the western horizon once in 24 hours. Thus, for every point and time on earth there will be a unique point on a particular zodiac sign which will be rising at the eastern horizon.

When an individual is born, the point in the particular zodiac sign, expressed in longitude, which is rising at the eastern horizon at the exact time of his/her birth for the exact latitude/longitude of the place where he/she is born is the unique space time coordinate for the individual. This is called the individual's Ascendant(Lagna) or the Rising Sign.

What is Janma Rashi/Moon Sign/Moon Ascendant?

In Vedic Astrology, the exact position of the Moon at the exact time of birth with respect to the zodiac sign and the point in the zodiac sign expressed in longitudes will be Janma Rashi/ Moon Sign/ Moon Ascendant.

What is Sun Sign/Sun Ascendant?

Like the Moon sign, the longitude of Sun with respect to zodiac at the exact time of birth is the Sun Sign of the individual. Western astrology lays great importance on Sun signs and ALL YOUR ZODIAC SIGNS are your Sun signs as per Vedic astrology. The Sun sign on the basis of Western astrology and Vedic Astrology, will differ by one sign many a times. This is because as per Western astrology the zodiac is also moving, whereas, the Vedic astrologers considers the zodiacs to be fixed. The reason why this difference comes will be explained on the web page at a later date. Meanwhile, we are just mentioning this so that you do not get alarmed to see the difference in the zodiac sun signs when computed by the Vedic astrology.

This will be an on going page which will be updated regularly. You are most welcome to contribute your views and your questions for the benefit of all visitors on our site. Click for e-mail option to F & Q. Acknowledgment : In compiling this edition of FAQ extensive use has been made from Dr. K. S. Charak, book of Vedic Astrology, Volume-1, Published by Systems Vision.

Relevance of Astrology?

As per Vedic astrology, what will happen to us in this life is predetermined and based on the 'Karma' of our past lives. What is the relevance of 'free will' is a matter of screens philosophical debate. But, we believe that 75% of what will happen to us is what we can possibly know through astrology, but the balance 25% is critical, which we create through our own efforts and it is we with our efforts control our day to day destiny and that is our 'Karma' in this life. vedic Astrology provides us with an insight in our quest to shape our destiny.

This vedic astroloogy article is by a well known south indian astrologer writen from Vedic astrology website.

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Astrology: Planetary Cocktail Party

Signs and houses, planets and constellations, cycles and aspects: learn the unique flavors of each planet.

The Signs and Houses Ruled by Each Planet

In this lesson you'll learn to recognize the symbolic glyphs for the planets and signs, the characteristics of each, and the special role each of the nine planets and the Sun and Moon play in your chart. We will also talk about why it is important to pay attention to your ruling planet when you read a horoscope.

You'll need to know planetary rulerships and be able to recognize the glyphs in later lessons as well, so pay careful attention. If you like, you can download the table of glyphs below to keep as a reference.

A Planetary Cocktail Party

To give each planet a "face" in your mind, I'm going to describe the planets as if they were guests at a cocktail party. Try to envision their behavior and what they are wearing.

Although the descriptions are fun, don't forget the importance of memorizing the ruling planet for each of the signs and what area of life that planet rules. This information is fundamental in understanding the workings of astrology.

We will discuss the houses of the horoscope later, but since you may want to print out this section, the house of the horoscope each planet rules and its natural association are included.

Mars arrives, wearing his military uniform, looking quite dashing and handsome. He is muscular, fit, and has a walk that exudes confidence. His label is decorated with medals, and he carries a sword. Every woman in the party has noted his arrival because he is so masculine and sexy.

Mars, however, is only interested in Venus, who is in conversation with Pluto. He needs to get her attention but she won't make it easy for him -- right now she pretends she hasn't seen him.

At the party, Venus decides to sit down on a lounge of satin pillows. Doves holding bows of small pink rosebuds fly close above her and gently drop the flowers about her shimmering white shoulders. Her hair is long, curled, and held in place perfectly by three small, jeweled adornments.

Her dress is of shimmering, clingy silk. Were it not cut so marvelously, and from such gorgeous fabric, it might be mistaken for a nightgown. Her hands and wrists are adorned with pretty bejeweled rings and golden bracelets, and she has a soft, alluring scent about her.

Venus picks up a small hand mirror and admires her reflection. She is well groomed, stunningly beautiful, and her skin has an unmistakable translucent clarity and softness. She is a vision of sensuality and seduction and she flirts magnificently with the other guests.

Mercury, messenger of the gods and the ultimate journalist, has a pencil behind his ear, a 1940s hat on his head, and is carrying the coolest, most modern laptop (he loves the newest gadgets). He looks a little out of breath and apologizes to the host, explaining he had a deadline to finish before coming. Mercury strikes up a conversation with Jupiter. and talks enthusiastically about a recent assignment, offering vivid details, interesting asides, and tidbits. Jupiter is fascinated and predicts Mercury will win a journalism award.

Mercury suddenly turns to Saturn, who stands alone, and asks if he knows whether the host has a TV or not. Saturn tells him there may be one upstairs in the den and Mercury excuses himself for a few minutes to watch the news while e-mailing his story in -- his news cannot wait.

The Moon seemed a little wistful and perhaps even a little lonely when she arrived, still thinking of an incident that happened earlier. Her mood brightens after hearing the music and seeing some familiar faces.

She is wearing a d飯llet頧own of silk taffeta in silvery blue-white, reminiscent of the tones found inside a seashell. She is clearly a romantic, and when she walks by all the other planets can't help but catch a subtle whiff of her perfume. It is a hauntingly beautiful fragrance, and it reminds one or two of the others of a scent from the past, perhaps one their mother or an old girlfriend wore.

The Moon glances at Venus -- who is busy flirting with Saturn, of all people -- and subtly shakes her head. The Moon is more reserved than Venus, and much more nurturing. Concerned that some people might be getting hungry, the Moon glides toward the kitchen to see if she can help the hostess with some delicious appetizers.

Dressed in kingly robes of scarlet and purple, the Sun also wears a jewel-encrusted golden crown. He arrives last, complete with the sound of trumpets. He carries a scepter and looks thoroughly engaged with what is going on, and apparently has been looking forward to attending the party.

Sun asks the hostess if she will have any entertainment at her f괥, and seems a bit disappointed when she looks at him quizzically. He orders his assistant to have a musical quartet come over immediately to play. In the meantime, the other planets know they should pay homage to the Sun and quite naturally start revolving around him. The Sun expects to be the center of attention -- and enjoys this.

Pluto has arrived at the party dressed all in black, looking masculine and ultracool. He doesn't mix with the others at the party much, however, preferring to observe the group quietly. He is a loner, and staying off by himself suits him.

Mars has come over to offer Pluto a drink. Starting a conversation with Pluto, Mars quickly realizes that he is an intense guy, and passionate about his projects. Pluto apparently has had no trouble getting major funding for his new business ideas, either. Mars asks Pluto what he's heard on the street and Pluto gives him some shrewd insider info.

Jupiter is a happy-go-lucky, upbeat, rotund little fellow: he is, after all, the planet that expands opportunity and luck. Everyone is thrilled to see Jupiter, for he has brought generous gifts for all the guests. Each box is festively wrapped and delivered personally to its recipient. For a few minutes all the other planets circle around Jupiter and enjoy basking in his radiant glow.

Saturn arrives late: he's been working at the office and is still wearing his daytime suit. He is carrying his well-worn (but top-quality) briefcase. He's wearing a suitably low-key, impeccably cut suit, with a well-starched white shirt and conservative tie. He looks like classic establishment power.

Should the party turn out to be boring, Saturn figures he'll find an empty room and put in a little extra work before heading home. He is a serious fellow and hates to waste time. The other guests seem to sense that Saturn is a no-nonsense kind of guy; those that stroll over to him are there to ask for advice.

Uranus arrives late, too; nobody ever knows when she is going to show up. She shows up wearing the most interesting dress at the party. It's quite striking -- avant-garde and original -- but totally unforgettable in the best sense. Her hair looks like it was designed on another planet, and although is tinted a strange shade, it looks unexpectedly "right" for her in every way.

Uranus is whispering into a headset that is wired to a cell phone so small it is tucked into her evening bag. She is charming, witty, and a total delight. She is an intriguing surprise to one and all.

Neptune is a romantic vision in a magnificently creative cloud of pale blue tulle. She looks as though she's floated down from a cloud. Neptune is not here to shock anyone; she is poetry in motion.

Listening to Venus in a quiet corner of the room, Neptune is all ears and shows complete and intent compassion as Venus talks about her love problems. Mercury circles by Neptune and offers her the last coveted appetizer on his tray -- the spring rolls have been a big hit at this bash -- but Neptune demurs. She wouldn't think of nibbling the last one, even though she hasn't yet had one bite at the party.

Have Fun Making Up Your Own Characters

This will help get you started -- feel free to make up your own characterizations. Can you guess why I have drawn the profiles of the planets this way? Share your guesses and your characterizations with the others.

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My Thoughts On Astrology

Mysteries of the nature have always fascinated me. My inner has always been that of an inquisitive child who loves to ask as many questions about the nature of things as may be possible. Thinking of evolution, what I have come to understand is that the universe evolves, like a tree evolves from its seed at the time of creation, which contains all the future development and qualities within itself in a basic form. The growth and decline of this evolution can be measured with the help of time as quantities in the form of years, days and months etc. and the other aspect of quality can be explored through the science of astrology. Astrology then becomes a unique subject, which studies the most intricate problems of life in an amazingly integrated manner. Astrology basically deals with the quality of time.

When I was eleven years of age I started learning astrology at the feet of my maternal grandfather, Late Pt. Raja Ram Shastri who was a scholar of legendary stature. In October 2000, I started my own astrological consultancy under the name of Jyotish Anveshan Kendra and also started writing articles on astrology and other related fields.

The one question, which I have been asked most frequently as an astrologer, is that, ? do you believe in astrology?? I think that I need not believe in astrology or disbelieve because belief is for someone who is not aware of something, I know that astrology is for real.

People are a confused lot today about astrology as they are told one thousand and one different things by some people who influence their lives in strange ways through print and electronic media most of which is trash. One popular fad today is attaching the title of Vedic scholar with one?s name nowadays. One day I asked my maternal grandfather, Late Pt. Raja Ram Shastri of what he thought of vedic scholarship, he replied, ? Vyakarana is one of the vedangas which will take 12 years to read it out alone and then it is to be mastered and then again it is only one of the six vedangas each of which is to be then mastered separately. After acquiring all this erudition, one only becomes eligible to begin the study of Vedas.? What of the scourge of Vedic scholars today then? I do not think anything else need be said.

Under the inspirational guidance of my maternal grandfather I had also become inclined towards research work in the field of astrology. The questions that were raised against astrology in the name of science without any knowledge or investigation whatsoever in astrology proper made me determined to take charge opposite these so- called rationalists and scientists. Later I also presented a research paper on the scientific nature of astrology in the Third National Science Conference organized at NPL, Pusa in Delhi in feb. 2004. My research paper was also published in the NPL souvenir. Among the main problems that I addressed in my research paper were: -

1. Why is astrology required? Natural place of the astrology.

2. What astrology deals with?

3. The correct and incorrect systems of prediction in astrology.

4. Comparison of mathematical probability and astrology on the level of principle. Why astrology is a better predictive tool than mathematical probability?

Some experts in their respective fields like physics, chemistry, nuclear science, astrophysics and others deluded by what is known in psychology as the ?transference of skill? start condemning astrology without knowing even an iota of what is astrology. Such persons can be given no credibility in their views on astrology. Astrologers are doing no less harm on the other hand as they try to create a false aura of mystery around them and behave as if they have a divine persona and there are others who in the garb of modernism start condemning whatever they are unable to understand in astrology. Most of the astrologers have spread this misconception today that intuition plays an important role in astrology and calculations are after all just a means of stimulating your intuition. I do not agree with these people because if you go by intuition you do not need astrology because intuition is complete in itself and in the same manner if you go by astrology you do not need intuition because astrology is also complete in itself (if you know astrology).

What is practiced today is in fact a form of khichdi (hotch-potch) astrology in which zodiac forecast is widely prevalent, Sade- Sathi, Sign based lucky stones computerized horoscopes, computerized predictions and other forms of instant astrology which needs to be done away with. There is a great craze for computer horoscopes today but there is no awareness regarding its authenticity or otherwise. One day when I was sitting with a programmer of an astrology software I started noting down the calculations, which were programmed in the software. When I checked them I found that for combustion a fix range of 15 degrees was programmed in the software for every planet whereas the range of degrees for combustion vary with every planet and it also fluctuates which can be worked out with proper detailed calculations.

In my view, astrology is to be re- established on the pedestal of science (although it is already the most complete of all sciences), which can revolutionize the way we think and live.

Sonal Sharma is in the field of astrology for past six years. He is also engaged in research in the field of astrology and has presented a research paper on the scientific nature of astrology in A.B.V.S.-2004, held in Pusa, Delhi in Feb.2004. He is also associated with the website, which you can visit. His contact email address is

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Tsunami Disaster Predicted By Astrology

In the early morning of Margashirsha Purnima( Full Moon) a Tsunami of apocalyptic proportions arose and the deadly blow of an unprecedented earthquake brought mayhem. Co-incidentally it was 26th December 2004 also. And it is this date only which is now on every tongue in the world. No one is saying that the tide which rises is due to the Full Moon. The gravitational attraction of the Moon was well understood by our ancient Acharyas. This was the month of Margashirsha which also has a great deal of historical significance. The war of Mahabharata was fought in this month of Margashirsha in the bright half on trayodashi tithi in Bharani nakshatra. Two days before the Full Moon. In Bhagwad Geeta, lord Krishna has described the month of Margashirsha as one of his manifestations.

Today science has seen unprecedented growth. Intensive networks of supercomputers have been developed to process data but scientists are saying that an earthquake cannot be predicted. Earthquake is a chance incident. But the amazing progress made by our ancient Acharyas with their prolonged experience and observations and intelligent experimentation is unimaginable for the present day western scientists and mathematicians. Acharya Varahamihira was a contemporary of King Vikramaditya and the greatest of ancient astronomers or Acharyas. In his Magnum Opus Brihat Samhita there is a complete chapter devoted to earthquakes. But our present day business minded astrologers have little use for it. That is why it was ignored. Neither were experiments and research carried out in this direction.

Still the predictions which were made by some of our diligent astrologers will not be easy to believe for you. So this is the prediction.


The martanda panchanga of Vikram Samvat 2061 states that, ? Between the period of 27 November and 26 December there can be great loss of lives and damage in America, China, Japan, a Muslim nation or in the Northern or Southern portion of India due to some natural disaster like major earthquake and oceanic disaster.?

The date of writing of this article by Pt. Indushekhar Sharma in Shri Martanda Panchanga was 19 september 2003 on the day when the rishi panchami was celebrated. It is to be especially noted that Vikram Samvat 2061 started on 21 March 2004. this panchanga had hit the market in October November 2003. this confirms that the prediction was maded at least 15 months in advance.

In this same panchanga under the results for the Margashirsha month it is stated, ? in this month there is a combination indicating loss of lives and damage in America, Japan, China or some Muslim country due to earthquake and oceanic disaster or other such natural calamity.? ?Scorpio placed Mars is making conjunction with retrograde Mercury. On 16 December Mercury is rising in retrograde position. Some great natural disaster may wreak havoc.?

?Shri Mahavir Panchanga, Kashi? published by Pt. Rameshwar Nath Ojha states, ? Five Saturdays and Five Sundays falling in the Month of Margashirsha and the positions on Amavasya indicate a natural disaster which can cause heavy damage. Earthquake, landslide, explosion or other terrorist activities may take place.?

We have only quoted two panchangas. There are any number of panchangas published in Hindi, Bangla, gujarati and other languages. Probably this kind of prediction may have also been made in them.

We do not claim infallibility for the predictions of these astrologers or panchangas. Neither is this that most of the predictions turn out to be accurate. Neither do we advice our readers to resign themselves to fate and make any less efforts in the required direction.

Our attention was suddenly attracted by a news published in ? the Hindu? of 27 November 2004. on 26 November 2004 there occurred an earthquake in Indonesia in which 17 people were killed. Approximately 130 people were injured and more than 300 buildings were destroyed. It was a Kartika Purnima (Full Moon) on the 26 November 2004.

The point we would like to impress on the mind of our readers is that there is a great need for scientific research and experimentation and modernization of astrology. Unfortunately we neglect our heritage and act like a copycat. Instead of original thought and research we are dancing to the borrowed tunes of western knowledge.

In our ancient scriptures and especially in the sayings of Ghagha Bhaddari in Hindi it is stated that the animals and birds and marine creatures have a foreknowledge of earthquakes and other natural disturbances and they escape to safer places in advance. In the event of this earthquake this conception was confirmed. In the heavily damaged parts of Sri Lanka there is no evidence of dead animals and birds. One wild life protection officer even expressed his amazement at the fact that when there are usually 200 elephants, leopards, and other wild animals in the wildlife park no dead animals were found. These scientists said that there must be a sixth sense with these animals, which gives them an inkling of the coming disaster. If man only learns from knowledge given in heritage.

This meteorological or weather department of ours which has every possible facility at its avail complete with high tech equipment and sophisticated laboratories have their predictions regularly published in the newspaper columns and broadcast on Doordarshan and other channels with the widest possible coverage but these usually turn out to be wrong. Still they are labeled as scientists and crores of Rupees are spent every year on this department. Whereas astrology is labeled as merely a superstition and ignored.

The work of Varahamihira and other ancient astronomers and astrologers needs to be taken forward with the help of development of innovative technology.


by Pt. Sunil Sharma


Pt. Sunil Sharma was serving as assistant director from 1990 till 2002 and as director of Astrological Research Centre since then which was established in 1952 by late Pt. Raja Ram Shastri. This organization has made outstanding contributions in the field of research and personal predictions. A postgraduate in Political Science and Sanskrit, he has been involved in original research work on astrology for past 15 years. He also launched the website ( of this august institution on 24th December, 2004 which makes accessible to all original research work, criticism and a host of other concepts associated with astrology in the form of research and criticism articles which are nowhere else to be found on the world wide web. Another special feature of this website is manual horoscope which is a completely novel concept on the web. He does not believes in computerized astrological predictions as well as calculations and has also given the reasons in his research articles on the website.

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Chinese Astrology - Discover Your Future

One's destiny is greatly influence by Heaven, Earth and Human Luck. And each of these lucks would actually account for 33% of one's path of life.

From the day we were born into the world, each of us are predestined or prearranged with this special code of destiny that influences various parts of our life. Some believe that it actually account for more than 40%.

Can one be able to create a new destiny or change one's fate and take control of one's life?

Some believe that our destiny is not predestined and can be changed. How true it is? We want to be master of our own destiny, and believe that if we try hard enough, we can be just anything we want. But can it really happen or is it just that we are not trying hard enough?

To be trying hard isn't a bad thing but to be trying in the wrong way, it is.

In actual fact, this predestined code cannot be changed but one can choose to avoid making the undesirable actions by discovering the future. We can in a way, preplan our journey and avoid the unpleasant.

Life reading or Fortune telling is the practice of predicting and unlocked the secrets of the future. Common Pre-Reading methods ;

- Chiromancy
(palmistry, study of the lines and signs of the hands)

- Bazi
(Four pillars of destiny)

- Zi Wei Dou Shu
(Purple Star Astrology)

(Ancient Chinese Astrology)

- Tarot, Numerology

(Reading of a crystal ball or sphere)

These Life Readings give an accurate description of a person's life according to the year, month, day and hour of birth. Beside one's personality, it also reveals individual strengths and weaknesses that may be applied to career choices and other major life decision.

Code of Destiny reading is like interpretation of a movie script, a script of one's very own. These scripts can be pre-written to help determine the outcome of our future.

Life is full of ups and downs and we are constantly striving in search for new solution with better decisions. By understanding the pre-written code, one can make better and favorable decisions that would help them in his or her life's achievement.

Jon Sim Geomancer & Feng Shui Master of Art of Asia Classical Feng Shui.

NOTE: You're free to republish this article on your website, in your newsletter, in your e-book or in other publications provided that the article is reproduced in its entirety, including the author information and all live website link as above.

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How Astrology Can Help You

Whether you call them your Stars, Sun signs or Horoscopes, all these terms speak of the same thing; the study of the planetary cycles as they affect a person, place, animate or inanimate object . Indeed any entity that has been 'birthed', whether it is a country, a company, a relationship or a piece of art is affected by cycles.

How can cycle tracking affect our daily lives? Well, just as a note sounded at the right pitch can shatter glass, so events in the celestial realms have been noted to resonate terrestrially and have a marked effect. Each angular relationship that forms between the faster and slower moving planets in their orbital cycles causes a characteristic resonance, which sets up a sympathetic response in us. The degree of resonance (also known in astrological parlance as correlation) depends upon the attunement of that which 'receives' it.

By way of analogy; adjusting your radio might result in your listening to heavy rock music but just a small shift along the bandwidth and you could suddenly find yourself listening into air traffic control. Similarly we appear to be attuned to certain planetary alignments and resonate disharmoniously with others. The result is that we all 'sing' a different tune. It is this tune that we know as our personality, but actually we are also all part of a great symphony. We participate in the orchestration, by the nature of our actions and reactions - our vibrations.

Sun sign and horoscope columns provide the most simplistic way of alerting people to the ongoing pitch changes and tuning adjustments needed. However, it is a symphony which needs continual adjustment, for not only are the planets moving in cycles in the heavens but the heavens are also moving, imperceptibly to the human eye, within the Cosmos. It is therefore important to only read horoscopes written by those with an in-depth understanding of how the whole Cosmos is interlinking with the current position of the Sun. And, it is far preferable to get a personal consultation.

When the planets change position in the sky our attunement alters. A vast body of empirical evidence tells us the most likely manifestations of planetary movements will be. We can take this knowledge onboard and adjust to a more harmonious rhythm, or else sound discordant like a musician who has lost his score.

Some might call Astrology the study of 'God's Great Evolutionary Plan'; a plan which calls for us all to develop our natural aptitudes and direct them in ways which will enable us to feel fulfilled. In this way we can be of the greatest use to society and Mankind as a whole.

By understanding just what 'note' each planet is sounding - and how this reacts with other planetary notes - enables us to feel less isolated. It is empowering to know that we are not alone in feeling dissonant 'energies' and displaying emotional responses at certain times. If we take more notice of the cyclical nature of life we can note the times when we are most susceptible to being entrained by certain rhythmic vibrations. In this way, when difficulties arise we can know that 'this too shall pass'. Knowledge of astrology is truly a gift. One which offers us the the opportunity to take responsibility for the harmony, or disharmony, we are hearing in our lives.

Kathryn Cassidy is a professional astrologer. She began bringing her personal brand of astrology and metaphysics into the public domain after working with top media astrologer, Jonathan Cainer. She hosts a popular blog which contains many articles on astrology and esoteric wisdom. She has recently started The Cosmic Cipher which will be a site devoted to astrology.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Karmic Astrology and Your Current Incarnation

It is always amazing to watch people who are proficient at what they do, and the better they are, the more we are in awe. Yet, it also makes us wonder about the source of their accomplishments, especially when some of the world's greatest achievers never even finished school. We see young children capable of complex chess games, teenagers who can excel at sports way beyond what we would expect of them, and even adults whose rise to brilliance in some endeavor seems disproportionately advanced for their life circumstances.

Could it be that the human memory is not of one life alone? Maybe the soul remembers things on quite a subconscious level that it has gained experiences with in former lifetimes. Then, in this life, all it takes to trigger these memories is some similar catalyst, an event, a word from a loved one, that somehow unlocks access to these hidden memories and makes it possible for the person to continue where their soul left off.

This could explain why people find it so easy to learn some things, while others seem beyond comprehension. In fact, sometimes the things they learn easily are the really hard things, so it would make no sense for them to be more proficient at these things, unless they had some unconscious soul memory from a past life serving them with experience.

Astrology in recent years has become more and more interested in this realm and many studies have actually embodied a new astrology that embraces this kind of thinking. Karmic Astrology looks at the individual's current life, not as an isolated instance, but instead as a continuation of the soul, which has reincarnated this time in order to perfect what it could not finish in past lives.

In this sense, it becomes possible, through the study of one's horoscope chart to understand what kind of experiences and soul memories they have brought into this life to improve, and by extrapolation, what kind of lessons they have yet to learn. By looking at astrology this way, the future, instead of being guesswork, is seen as a natural outgrowth of the past, as it evolves itself through experiences that keep increasing the individual's awareness about their life and the world they live in.

In fact, thinking karmically, we cannot help but reach the conclusion that the very sun sign that a person is born under in the current incarnation holds within it the exact lessons they will have to learn in this life. Thus, the challenges we face in life, are really the karmic lessons we have incarnated to learn, and our horoscope as our blueprint for life, holds within it the very energies and proficiencies we need to meet these challenges.

Martin Schulman is known the world over as the original founder of Karmic Astrology. He has over 50 published books in America and foreign translations throughout the world and was the first astrologer to reach a top 10 Best-Seller list in New York Gazette magazine. He has lectured at Boston University and many astrological conventions across the United States. His articles have appeared many times on the cover of Dell Horoscope Magazine and he has personally appeared on national television.

More free articles, an astrology word glossary and many Martin Schulman best-selling astrology books with reviews, some on special pre-holiday sales can be found at You can also look up the meaning of many astrological terms at this site.

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Astrology Love Elements

Astrology can be a very complex science. There are many aspects to consider when determining compatibility between two signs. One of the best, easiest, and often overlooked way to see if two signs are compatible is by simply understanding the elements.

There are four elements, and each one is attributed to three specific signs.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Each of these elements have certain characteristics, and I will give you a brief summary of what those are.

Positive, Assertive, Determined, Active

Social, Intelligent, Doers, Communicators

Stable, Enduring, Structured, Introverted

Passive, Receptive, Reactive, Intuitive

It could be possible that you are beginning to understand which elements are the most likely to blend well together. As a "general" rule, in dealing with the elements, Fire mixes with Air, and Earth mixes with Water. I know it seems far too general, and much too simple to be taken seriously, but in my experience it can create a solid foundation in considering compatibility. If you are a casual Astrology fan, and calculating planetary aspects between two charts is not your bag, then this is a much simpler formula you can incorporate. You will find that it sells itself in the end. You can also get insights as to why you are most attracted to certain types of people, when the "general" rule does not seem to apply to you specifically. Of course, a natal chart would most definitely complement this, because you would be able to see exactly why you find yourself leaning towards a certain type. There is a great number of free sites that you can find on the web that will generate a natal chart for you. For instance, my personal natal chart does not contain a single Earth, or Water element sign. I often find myself very drawn to the Earthy signs, and Alpha personalities. But, on the other hand, very distant from Water signs. This is because I am predominately Air influenced. Air, and Water signs have the most trouble blending together. Those relationships can be difficult if there is not some sort of balance elsewhere in the horoscope. Which is a good start at better understanding who your attracted to and why. Chinese Zodiac Signs are also element influenced. That will be Part II of this article.

A. Astralis is at Astralis Horoscopes You can read your daily horoscopes for the whole week in advance. Astrology, Numerology, Love Signs, and more.

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Why To Blame Astrology

I find it really funny when somebody just wishes to dump astrology without having any rationale behind their conclusions. How can you dump a thing unless you make a thorough study of it and give valid reasons for your conclusions?

Well, I certainly believe in the science of astrology. And this does not mean that I adore astrology as if it is all in all in my life. For, I very well know that stars only impel, they do not compel.

The common question proposed by the school against astrology is- Do stars create your destiny? The answer to this question is- Yes and No. For, the answer depends upon the circumstances and many other variable factors.

In reality, you are the creator of your destiny, not the victim. Have a deep thought. Your inner world and the outer world are absolutely interconnected. Let there be no doubt about it. If you are unable to understand this aspect, don't blame one and all for your ignorance.

Why persons born on the same day will not have identical future? Why, please investigate and find out. Don't blame astrology for that.

Astrology influences your works in a varied way. Just because you are unable to understand these subtle movements, these finer vibrations, don't again blame astrology. If at all, make sincere efforts to understand them.

The science of astrology was drafted by the ancient sages. These sages are the Realized Souls who have crossed the mind barrier. Once they reach there, they can speak nothing but truth. All your quarrels, differences of opinion are mind-level creations. How the science of astrology as perfected by them can give you wrong conclusions?

Understand astrology. If you can properly do this, you can as well realize how accurate could be the predictions.

To get more information on astrology, astrology signs and astrology reports visit

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Why To Blame Astrology??

I find it really funny when somebody just wishes to dump astrology without having any rationale behind their conclusions. How can you dump a thing unless you make a thorough study of it and give valid reasons for your conclusions?

Well, I certainly believe in the science of astrology. And this does not mean that I adore astrology as if it is all in all in my life. For, I very well know that stars only impel, they do not compel.

The common question proposed by the school against astrology is- Do stars create your destiny? The answer to this question is- Yes and No. For, the answer depends upon the circumstances and many other variable factors.

In reality, you are the creator of your destiny, not the victim. Have a deep thought. Your inner world and the outer world are absolutely interconnected. Let there be no doubt about it. If you are unable to understand this aspect, don't blame one and all for your ignorance.

Why persons born on the same day will not have identical future? Why, please investigate and find out. Don't blame astrology for that.

Astrology influences your works in a varied way. Just because you are unable to understand these subtle movements, these finer vibrations, don't again blame astrology. If at all, make sincere efforts to understand them.

The science of astrology was drafted by the ancient sages. These sages are the Realized Souls who have crossed the mind barrier. Once they reach there, they can speak nothing but truth. All your quarrels, differences of opinion are mind-level creations. How the science of astrology as perfected by them can give you wrong conclusions?

Understand astrology. If you can properly do this, you can as well realize how accurate could be the predictions.

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Astrology's Composite Chart and Your Relationship Roadmap

The Composite Chart of a Couple Reveals Valuable Information on the Relationship Itself

Astrological compatibility is determined first by assessing the aspects that are formed by the individual charts themselves. We look at Sun to venus, venus to mars, sun to moon and so on. This shows the compatible elements that the individuals themselves feel when in the presense of the other person. Some people bring out the best in us and others, well......not so much. This is because of the harmonious and/or challengingaspects between the charts.

Okay, so let's say you have relatively compatible elements between you. Now you have to look at the chart of the relationship itself, to find out the purpose, and how this entity interacts with you individually.

At the beginning of a relationship you may seem to get along just peachy - But the minute you really commit to a relationship, or it becomes long term, is when it's attributes, it's benefits, it's challenges will be revealed - this is the composite chart at work.

The composite chart is determined by finding the midpoint between two individuals' suns, moons, mercurys etc. to form a new chart that reflects the purpose of the two joining together in a committed union. This is true in friendship, a business relationship, siblings, parents, children, and romantic relationships.

This Chart now reveals another entity with harmonious and challenging aspects of its' own. It has a purpose and agenda that the individuals themselves will have to live with, and learn from. It shows what you may have to contend with within the relationship and outside forces.

What I like is that the composite chart can ofset some difficult aspects you may have between your natal charts. For instance, in my relationship we have some difficult mercury aspects interacting between us. This makes it difficult to understand each other and feel like we are on different wavelengths at times. However, in our composite chart we have - mercury sextile jupiter - this helps us to have more tolerance for each others' point of view. And we are better able to find the compromise or work through our differences.

We also have the aspect - sun conjunct venus - denoting a very harmonious and mutual love, and this is a very harmonious aspect to have which signifies mutual love and support within the relationship -However, this conjunction is squared by uranus - boooooo - this has been a problem with us from the get go. Constant disruptions, separations, and unavailability has reeked havoc on us. And it seemingly is beyond either of our control.

So we can either throw up our hands and wave good-bye, or we can have this awareness that this is something inherent in our relationship and learn to go with the flow. The lesson here would be to be more flexible within a relationship and not need a 9 to 5/stable/secure/consistent relationship. This is where one of us (or you if this your case) would have to decide if this was something I/him/you could live with. Some people don't mind things being less than consistant and prefer a style of relationship where the other person isn't always around - someone who likes a lot of freedom perhaps. Then there's those who much prefer having a very stable home and relationship. This is where you would have to make a choice.

Another relationship I was in had a composite - moon square saturn - this one aspect revealed to me why we couldn't make it FULLY work (i wish i knew now what i didn't know then).

With the knowledge you gain from a composite chart, you can be aware of the issues and lessons in your relationship that are there for your mutual growth. And you can find ways to work with the challenges and enjoy the benefits ! Knowledge and awareness empower you to make the decisions that are right for your relationships and your life.

Beverly is passionate about astrology and how it can help relationships by revealing it's strengths and weaknesses. She has a websitethat offers astrology reports on natal, Compatibility, and transits. Visit and see how a compatibility report can reveal what works and doesn't work in your relationships.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

What is Astrology Compatibility?

Astrology compatibility is nothing more than the use of astrology to deduce whether two individuals can live together in harmony or not. Astrology compatibility is a very important match making indicator for those who believe in it. You can use the astrology compatibility report to decide whether your relationship with your partner is going to be acrimonious or harmonious, whether it will be filled with unnecessary tension, spats and arguments, or if it will be full of happiness and mutual understanding.

One of the ways of determining astrology compatibility is through the zodiac sign. The zodiac signs are linked to the four classical elements - fire, earth, water, and air ? which pass their properties to those who share the zodiac sign with them. The qualities of fire are represented in those whose zodiac sign is Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius; the qualities of air are visible in Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini; the qualities of water are found in those whose zodiac sign is Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo; and the qualities of earth is represented in those whose zodiac sign is Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

The astrology sign compatibility is decided on the basis of traits that each element, or a group of zodiac signs, possesses. For instance, the element fire which is associated with action, passion and energy, can be put down by the element water or suffocated by the element earth. The only element that encourages fire is air. Therefore, fire is said to be very compatible with air, and air with fire.

The element air is associated with good thinking prowess and communication skills. However, since earth and water both impede the free flow of air, all zodiac signs associated with air cannot get along well with the zodiac signs associated with earth and water. So when it comes to drawing up an astrology sign compatibility report, the astrologers will advocate that persons born under the signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius can get along very well with persons born under the zodiac signs Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini

The element water, which is associated with growth, identity, and emotions, is considered most compatible with the element earth. This is because earth can help water realize its true and carefree form. Earth is associated with stability and practicality, and is nourished by water alone. Therefore, people born under the signs of Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Cancer Scorpio and Pisces will be extremely compatible with each other. This is how the astrologers draw up the astrology sign compatibility report.

Although this can be a great indicator for compatibility, it should not be the only deciding factor whether you get together with another person or not.

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Love Astrology: Impact of planets on Your Love Life

It is commonly believed that a particular planet makes or unmakes your love-life. This is far from truth though. It is the combined influence of all the planets on the couple that builds or breaks the relationship.

Apart from the ten planets, the Sun and the Moon are included in the ratings of heavenly bodies that influence the life of an individual. Astronomers continue to investigate the gross aspects of the planet, whereas the astrologers, who believe that there is also an inner world in each individual celestial body, investigate the facts and matters relevant to their domain.

It is not that one planet does everything for you. There is special relationship between the planets at the time of your birth. How they interact, influence and interfere in the domain of each other is the crux of the problem for the astrologer. He has to extract the truth, from this complicated cobweb.

Herein, love astrology does not refer to the story of Adam and Eve. It means what each planet loves. Alternatively, it could also mean what is the impact of each planet on the subject called love.

SUN: The most powerful heavenly body. The sun holds the key to our spiritual life. He is life giving and warm body. Its love life indications are good, positive and conducive to mutual understanding.

MOON: The emotional being, therefore moon is associated with the subject love, deeply. It symbolizes feminine traits.

MERCURY: Concerned with intellectual developments and speed. A revolutionary mind as well. A genius.

VENUS: This is the real planet of love. An, enduring symbol of romance. Talents in music, dance and the likes are associated with it. Indicator of love capacity.

MARS: Fights for the cause dear to it, till death. Inclination towards aggression and agitation. Uncontrolled energy and enthusiasm.

JUPITER: Represents magnanimity and generosity. Good fortune, happiness and abundant health.

SATURN: Reputation for causing difficulties and death. The great leveler, who goes by the strict laws of action and reaction. When it comes to punishing, it goes by the rule of book and spares none.

URANUS: Indicates the sudden and life changing things that happen without any known cause. Promises to break the new grounds. An unpredictable planet.

NEPTUNE: Concerned with watery emotions. With mystical experiences. If you want to know why material world of earth is less than the oceanic wealth, ask Neptune!

PLUTO: Power of Pluto directs the great monopolies and big business enterprises. Pluto has been associated as the god of the underworld.

The interaction of all the individual qualities of the planets with the total qualities, make the love life of an individual. So, love astrology is finding out, how it happens!

Many Astrology articles are available at Astrology website &

Many Astrology articles are available at for Astrology.

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How Astrology Works For You?

Whether you believe in astrology or not, if there is any astrology column in the news paper/magazine you purchase, you will not skip it. Whatever may be your comments on the merits of the predictions- if it is favorable you are not going to curse the astrologer. If it is unfavorable, you just shrug your shoulders and say one prediction for millions! Does it make any sense?

Your horoscope, in short, pertains to the planetary positions at the time of your birth. You came into this world, without any options; nobody consulted you about your time of arrival. That which is not controlled by you, must be due to divine grace. How that divine grace will shape the years to come- your destiny? This, in short is the scope of astrology.

The building blocks of life are: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Horoscope is an astrological chart. There is one chart for one person. The chart indicates the position of Sun, Moon and the planets at the time of your birth. No two horoscopes could be alike just as no leaves of a tree are alike. This is the wonder that is Nature.

One can understand why the common man is most concerned about the scope of his horoscope. He is always interested to know due to his never-ending economic difficulties, whether he is getting any support from the planets; whether the planets are permanently at war with him. But most surprisingly, the one who is born with a silver spoon in his mouth seeks the advice of celebrity astrologers quite often.

Some have permanent astrologer consultants on their unofficial role, to guide them mostly here and to some extent hereafter. There are many who plan everything, only with astrological guidance and considerations. Their influence on their clients or devotees is absolute. Walter Mercado is one such astrologer. Who's who of Latin America and USA, consult him on all important matters, and function according to his directions!

What is so special about Walter Mercado? He has the theory knowledge about astrology, he is a master psychologist. Positivism and spirituality are his characteristics. When a person is spiritually evolved, many beyond the mind level powers are conferred on him automatically. What he says turns out to be truth. To us, they look like individuals practicing miracles, but miracles just happen around him. They have 'conquered' Nature and all powers of the Nature are subservient to them.

Walter Mercado's psychic gift was the gift of birth. He was born in the year 1933. In the year 1960, he came to India to do a specialized study in astrology and the art of elaborating horoscopes. He was enlightened by a spiritual master and about that meeting Walter Mercado writes, "an asexual being of light told me that it was my mission to use my powers to help guide others through this very difficult time in which we live."

His TV shows on daily predictions, continue to charm millions of Americans!

Many Astrology articles are available at Astrology &

Many Astrology articles are available at for Astrology.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Soul Mate Astrology

Astrology, which is almost mathematical, lends a very interesting insight into the concept of soul mates. With an astrological technique called synastry, one can successfully determine the degree of compatibility and connection between two individuals. This technique involves the comparison of two birth charts to decipher the symbolic role of the planets at the time of birth.

There are many important aspects in this comparison, with the two most important planets being the Sun and the Moon. Others planets that play an important role are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, along with the twelve signs and twelve houses.

When reading any birth chart, the three most important things to keep in mind are the sun, the moon and the ascendant (or the rising sun). The moon symbolizes where we are coming from, the sun reflects where we are going, and the ascendant explains how we are going to get there.

The ascendant (or rising sign) is the sign that was rising on the horizon at the exact moment of your birth. The ascendant represents the exact flowering of your life on planet Earth. The ascendant helps us in knowing who we are in this world. The sign on the ascendant represents our outer packaging and behavior on display to the world.

If your ascendant is located in the same Zodiac Sign as your partner?s sun, it indicates a great potential for intimacy and attraction. Your ascendant sign (your outer personality) attracts and draws in your sun sign (your intimate and personal energy). Sign conjunctions with the ascendant are also very important in judging attraction when comparing one your ascendant with your partner?s moon, Venus, and Mars.

Last but not least, the sun sign in a man's chart and the moon sign in a woman's chart are particularly important to discover soul mate patterns. In this cross combination, the creative energy of the man blends with the emotional needs of the woman. Having the man's sun in the same sign as the woman's moon is definitely a ?soul mate" connection.

Astrology is a science that unravels many mysteries that we strive to understand. One such concept is the soul mate connection, and it requires an in-depth study of the planets to arrive at this knowledge.

Soul Mate provides detailed information on Soul Mate, Finding Your Soul Mate, Soul Mate Astrology, Soul Mate Jewelry and more. Soul Mate is affliated with Romance Books.

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How Astrology Compatibility Reading Help Your Relationships

Planets have certain traits and characteristics. You are what your stars have made you. The display of your emotions is linked to your star formations at the time of your birth. Hence planetary analogy is used to understand relationships.

Astrology has an appeal that is difficult to resist. The best of the magazines, the national dailies have a column dedicated to astrology. The rationalists publicly decry astrology; put privately they do read these columns and consult the astrologers.

What Mars has got to do with your car accident? It has something to do. The accident could have been fatal, but for the influence of another star on Mars. You may say again, these are all wild calculations! In all, there are ten planets and 12 different signs where a particular planet could be! Look at the possibility of combinations according to your own mathematical calculations!

In your birth-chart, some planets dominate and the others do not. The dominating planet will influence the personality more.

Based on the calculations of influences of the various planets in a given time, you can identify the good and the bad tides. Knowing the things in advance will help you dilute the intensity of sufferings, but nevertheless the suffering shall be there.

Though the word compatibility has universal application, it is commonly understood in the context of male and female relationships. With every individual, one planet would provide the dominating influence. He will be identified with that planet.

What is the role of will power? The planets are gross bodies. Will power is subtle. It is the simple law of science that subtle is more powerful than the gross. That means you are capable of changing your destiny. How this can be achieved is again a matter of debate. No set rules can define this.

What are the important characteristics of the planets? Moon signifies emotional rapport, so wherever there is mention of the word love, mention of moon is obvious! No lover has referred to his sweetheart, you are my sun or you are my river'. Mercury indicates that both the partners are on the same wavelength. With sun, it is fundamental values and approach towards life which is matched well.

Many Astrology articles are available at Astrology &

Many Astrology articles are available at for Astrology.

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