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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tips for Astrology Relationship

Relationship astrology has great importance in one?s life. In fact, many astrologers have spent a lifetime understanding the essence of this science and its influence on people?s lives. After years of experience in the field of relationship astrology, every astrologer feels that he or she can effectively visualize or analyze a relationship astrologically. There are several types of relationship astrology that exists in this world. Here, we will focus on love or romantic relationship that can be scrutinized by an astrologer to determine its future prospects and other influences in an individual?s life.

There are certain tips an astrologer can follow in order to analyze a relationship according to the astrological aspects and the influence of signs and symbols of astrology on it.

One of the most important aspects of relationship astrology is a sun-moon intraspect. You may consider whether the sun in a person?s chart form a significant aspect with the moon in another person?s chart or vice-versa? If this is not the case, then you need to look in to the sun/moon midpoint of the chart of these individuals. Also look in to whether a person?s sun/moon mid point tightly conjunct or oppose a personal planet in another person?s chart or vice versa. Experts in this field usually consider any aspect in multiples of 45 degrees to the sun/moon midpoint significance as well.

Composite chart plays an important chart in astrology relationship. The famous sun-moon rule of thumb is an old concept in this regard. However, experts view it as significant part of relationship astrology. In case the answer is in a ?no? to the questions asked, an astrologer doesn?t rule out a powerful relationship. However, if the answer is a ?yes? to one or more of the questions asked, the astrologer considers the relationship as the part of several impact on the lives of individuals involved.

In case, the relationship revolves around sharing a home or spending a good amount of time together, the moon holds a great significance is Synastry.

An astrologer should take note of the aspects formed between the moon in a person?s chart and planets/points in another person?s chart and vice versa. Serious obstacles in a relationship must be foreseen if there is unaspected or severely challenged intraspects involving the moon.

Astrologers must emphasize on the overlay of the houses of both individuals to come out with a good conclusion.

The nodes in Synastry also hold great importance in relationship astrology. In case, a person?s personal planet combines with the other person?s south node, the connection exists. The person whose personal planet conjuncts with the other?s south node will feel comfortable with the other person but eventually feels that the relationship drains him/her of energy and would like to break it off in future.

The nodes of the moon are really significant in Synastry. When nodal ties are strong, the individuals are drawn to each other.

The relationship astrology plays an important role in predicting the future prospects of a relationship.

The above-mentioned tips will prove to be useful for an astrologer to examine a relationship astrologically.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How We Can Change Our Lives Using Astrology?

The number of people today who consult all sorts of mediums and clairvoyants is overwhelming. It is enough to quickly glance through the pages of the spiritual newspapers and magazines and we will see hundreds of advertisements from people who claim that they can connect you to your angels, reveal your past lives, read your future or heal you from any diseases by using a variety of different techniques. The techniques used in the spiritual readings also vary greatly ? Taro cards, palmistry, crystal ball gazing and so on. In recent time even some more sophisticated divinatory methods appeared on the market and some of them have so glamorous and sophisticated names that it becomes progressively more difficult to determine for certain what these people actually do and how they do it. Without fully denying the legitimacy of such readings, some questions still arise in the head of the potential customer: Where is the proof that the readings which I receive from one medium or another are accurate and true? Is the medium in question really willing to help me or he is just after my money?

To answer these questions we have to take a tour in the history of humanity in order to see where the problem originated. First of all we have to clarify for ourselves that mankind is constantly evolving and it will be very wrong to think that the ancient people had exactly the same physical, spiritual and mental organization as the modern man. People, who lived in the dawn of our era, approximately 7000 years B.C., did not need clairvoyants to communicate with the spiritual world, simply because in fact they were all clairvoyants. For the people living at those early times it was completely normal to perceive the aura of other people, animals and plants and therefore they did not need any proof of the existence of the spiritual world, neither they needed the services of clairvoyants to establish connections for them with the spiritual world, because they could observe it directly themselves. The major difference, between us and them, however, is that they did not posses the analytical and conceptual thinking abilities, while for us this is the natural and normal way of existence. The human race was only able to ascend to this mode of thinking in relatively recent times. For example, today thinking logically we can say that if we work systematically towards our spiritual growth, then we can be quite certain that after several years from now we will become transformed and much more enlightened beings.

Ancient people did not have to use such concepts, because they could perceive directly the auric field of another person. Since the auric field is in a way a prototype, where information about all future developments is coded, by observing it directly ancient people knew immediately what this person is today and into what he will develop in the future. Although the ancient people could witness at first hand the spiritual reality around them, they could barely process the information in the way as we do today. Their minds were not designed to give a meaningful and rationalized interpretation of the spiritual reality surrounding them. Instead, they were living in a semi-conscious state, similar to the state of consciousness that we have today during our most vivid and colourful dreams. In such way, especially in the very beginning of our era, people were not really taking conscious decisions, as we do today. Instead, they were rather instinctively following the impulses coming to them from the spiritual world. The consequences of their actions happened in front of their own eyes and therefore they did not need to reason about what is good and what is bad. Quite naturally, they were trying to perform actions, which contributed proliferation, flourishing and intensifying the spiritual life and avoid actions, which lead to demise, wilt and death. This was basically what drove them through their lives.

Even the basic concepts of mathematics were discovered relatively not so long ago; its founder Pythagoras lived about 500 B.C. It is hard for us today, familiar as we are with pure mathematical abstraction and with the mental act of generalization, to appreciate the originality of Pythagorean revolutionary teaching. In fact, today we have become so mathematically sophisticated that we fail even to recognize 2 as an abstract quantity. There is a remarkable step from 2 ships + 2 ships = 4 ships, to the abstract result 2 + 2 = 4, which applies not only to ships but to pens, people, houses etc. In fact, to see that the abstract notion of 2 is itself a thing ? in some sense every bit as real as a ship or a house ? is a huge evolutionary step. In order to make this step, however, mankind needed approximately 6000 years. That was the time required to progress form mere observation of spiritual reality to learning the basic mathematical concepts and associated with it logical thinking.

In order to gain the abstract, analytical thinking, which we all take for granted today, humanity had to lose its clairvoyant abilities first. It was impossible for man to develop his analytical mind as it is today, if he was still so closely connected to the spiritual world. It was imperative that the man gradually descended deeper and deeper into the matter, lost connection with the spiritual world and had to have the feeling that he was left to cope on his own. Only under such circumstances could he achieve an independent, original and logical mind, coupled with the ability to think in concepts, as he does today. This moment is allegorically depicted in the Bible as the banishing of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, because they tasted the fruit of knowledge.

Today we live in times when already the opposite process has initiated. Having acquired by now the conceptual and analytical thinking, man conquered to a great degree the physical reality around him, in order to make his life easier. Think about what primitive tools the ancient people used, how difficult their lives on the material plane were. Nowadays, using the newly developed capacities of our minds, people develop technologies which make their lives much easier. We don?t even think today what it is to live like without running water, electricity, transport or telephone. Yet, that is precisely how people in the ancient times used to live. They were rich spiritually, because they were able to perceive the spiritual reality surrounding them, and they were in fact living in this reality, but their physical bodies suffered and had to endure great difficulties in life.

Today, we experience very comfortable lifestyles physically, because we are surrounded by thousands of pieces of technology, all of which are making our physical life easier, but in the process we lost our ability to perceive the spiritual world. The call of the time today is to regain this ability again! We must learn how to see once again the spiritual world. This time, however, we must see it in full consciousness, using all the achievements of the modern man?s mind ? conceptual thinking, logical approach and mathematical abilities. This will raise both our world and the spiritual world to a completely new dimension and it will give our existence an entirely new meaning ? collaborating together in order to build a better reality!

We live in times, when the energy of the world is ascending rapidly. We live in times, where more and more people regain their abilities to connect with the spiritual world. Some of them decide to do this for a living. And while we all need money to survive on the physical plane, there is a very fine line between the benevolent desire to help other people and the danger of being sucked into a moneymaking business. How to distinguish who is who in the mediums world? Most people trust their intuitions. They have the ?gut feeling? that one person can help them, while another one will not, and most of the time they are right. It is marvelous that people trust their intuitions and it is admirable if they develop them even further.

But if their intuitions are strong, why then do they need to pay money to somebody else to do the reading for them instead of doing it themselves? The straightforward answer to this question is that in most cases they are wasting their money. They are paying for somebody to obtain information from the spiritual world for them, instead of trusting and developing their own psychic powers. This is a vicious circle, because the more money they spend for readings, the less effort they put for developing their own psychic powers. The less time they spend for developing their own psychic powers, the more they become convinced that they need a clairvoyant or some kind of a ?guru? to establish the connection with the spiritual world for them. The more convinced they become that they need another person in order to receive information from the spiritual world, the more money they spend for readings. Thus, the vicious circle is closed.

Today, the only prerequisites to achieve connection with the spiritual world is an open heart, love towards everything that surrounds us and sincere desire to gain such abilities not only for the development of the Self, but for the good of Mankind. I personally do not know anybody, who possesses the above mentioned qualities and for whom the spiritual world did not open its doors! For some, this opening will be quite tangible and they will feel physically the presence of the spirits next to them, for others the opening will proceed somewhat subconscious and nebulous, but nevertheless the end results will be concrete and visible. The results will manifest mostly in the nature of the man of question, who will start changing his attitudes towards life and will display much more humility, love and understanding. The energy is here; all we need to do is learn how to tap to it. This is an unprecedented moment in the history of the humanity, when such an abundance of spiritual energy is available to man. It would be a terrible waste of resources (both spiritual and material) if we do not answer the call of our times.

This is where we can take advantage of astrology in order to start changing our lives. The primary difference between astrology and all other types of divination is that astrology is the only spiritual teaching, based on science. In any other form of divination we are greatly dependable on the skills, perceptions, experience and personal interpretations of the medium. For example, two different mediums examining the same cup of coffee may see different figures and interpret them differently. Even if they see the same figures, their interpretation may vary greatly, based on their personal perception. If the person, consulting these mediums has another cup of coffee 10 minutes later, the shapes in the second cup will differ from those in the first cup and thus the interpretation will be different again and so on and so on. In contrast, the birth chart of a person can be calculated by a computer with extraordinary precision and it always will remain the same during the life of the individual in question. Of course, two astrologers can use different words to interpret the same birth chart, but the birth chart itself will remain unchanged. This is similar to the way two people will tell you the story of the same movie. The wording may be different, but the main plot will remain the same.

Astrology is also useful in this respect that it reveals to people the real motives for their actions. Most of the time, people are not fully aware why they do the things they do, why they attract always certain people and events in their life and why they are making continuously the same wrong decisions. Although they think they know themselves, the truth is that most of them don?t. Thus, they are driven through life on a subconscious level to head in one direction or the other. Most of them do so, without even knowing that in fact they are simply like puppets in the hands of great and powerful planetary influences.

However, the only way the man can become truly free in his actions is to understand how exactly he is controlled during his lifetime, which are the forces participating in this controlling process and what are the principles under which they operate. Only after learning this information, man can decide if he wants to continue the course of action, taken previously or if he wants to change his direction, using his will-power. As Goethe, the great mystic, said:

"From every power that holds the World in chains, Man frees himself when self-control he gains."

Sometimes, there are people that come to me and request their birth chart done, but they put the condition: ?Don?t write there about the bad things of my character, write only about the good things!? I tell such people that they are not ready to have their horoscope done, and I am sending them back home, regardless of the amount of money that they are prepared to pay. If one does not have the courage to look into the depths of his psyche in an objective and impartial manner he is defeating the purpose of having the horoscope done in the fist place. The main purpose of having the astrological report done is to find out how the man is built up, what are the ingredients there, how they interact with each other and what they produce as an end result.

Sometimes it may be painful to obtain and deal with such information, for the person may find, for example, that great pain in the present time is stemming from the early childhood. This could be some form of abuse, neglect or lack of love and appreciation. As children we are not well equipped to withstand such powerful influences and sometimes they can deflect our personalities in a way which later as grown-ups we may find highly undesirable. Other people may find out that the problems that they experience in this lifetime are not even consequences of childhood experiences, but are results of inappropriate actions from previous lifetimes. It is not easy to face such information. Nevertheless, until the individual learns all about him or herself in details he or she will remain a puppet in the hands of powerful, planetary influences.

In this way applying astrology and gaining greater understanding about ourselves we can become more spiritual and enlightened. Unfortunately, a lot of people still believe in the clich? that spirituality has to be demonstrated with some striking psychic abilities, such as the ones that we see in the ?Charmed? serial screened on TV. People are believed to be really ?spiritual? if they can control the weather, produce lightning with the tips of their fingers or move objects with the power of their thought. This is a major misconception. Spirituality may come to us in a very unassuming way, when we least expect it. In fact, many people already have such abilities, but are still largely unaware of them. They may have important dreams, sudden unusual thoughts may lead to significant insights or they can have strong premonitions which later prove to be true. These are all signs of increasing connection with the spiritual world. These people have to learn how to trust their intuitions more and more and remember that the doors to the spiritual world always open sooner or later to everybody who has an open heart, love towards everything created in the Universe and his or her motives to gain such abilities are sincere and not egoistical.

In conclusion, I would like to say that we may chose to give money every week to different fortune tellers to tell us what the future holds for us. Alternatively, we can choose to have our horoscope done only once and study it with great care. If we chose the second path, the self-knowledge that we would gain would be enormous. The astrology report reveals who we are, where we are coming from and what our main strengths and weaknesses are. Better still, we can understand what is expected from us to achieve in this lifetime. Gaining greater knowledge about ourselves can also help us to change our course of direction in life, if we happen to have deviated greatly from the original plan. By doing so, we can better integrate our will with the will of the Creator, elaborating willingly in this way to fulfill our own destiny and the destiny of mankind!

Lubomir Dimitrov is a unique combination of spiritual teacher and scientist. While holding a Master?s degree in science he is also a psychic and a professional astrologer. He has been practising astrology for more then 15 years and is the founder of the amalgamation between astrology and the spiritual science in Australia. He performs astrology readings, produces a variety of astrology reports, publishes articles and conducts many workshops, seminars and courses.

For further information, please, visit his web site

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Astrology Forecast for April 2007 - General Tendencies for All Sun Signs

Our thoughts may turn to religion and spirituality as we begin the month on Palm Sunday with Mercury (the mind) conjunct Uranus (original thinking). But, Mercury will also be moving to pick a fight with Jupiter (expansion), so we may be to quick to jump to the wrong conclusions. And, Venus (love) will be arguing with Saturn (discipline) and Neptune (delusions), therefore we could also find ourselves dealing with abuse or lies from loved ones through the second day of Passover, April 4.

But, the action doesn't stop there. On April 5, Jupiter will be at direct station, so don't press your luck. Also, those of us with dominate Sagittarius in our charts may find this day to be very oppressive. Mars will enter Pisces on Good Friday, April 6, and this will focus or energy into our imaginations. Mercury and Venus will be holding hands on Saturday bringing emotional happiness and a feeling of well being. And, the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn will be forming a grand trine that will last through Tuesday April 9. This will bring financial opportunities, good relations with authority figures, and a self-assured feeling in general. It would be an excellent time to start that new business or ask the boss for a raise.

Use caution driving on April 9 and 10, because Mercury, the god of transportation, will be leaving Pisces and entering Aries and arguing with Pluto (the criminal) in the process. There is a strong potential for bad auto accidents, and for getting busted. Temper your impulses and "look before you leap." Imaginations will be strong on April 11 with the Sun and Neptune holding hands. Venus will also be entering Gemini on this day, and some of us may find ourselves thinking about an affair.

The planets should remain fairly quiet from April 12 through the Aries New Moon on April 17. By April 18 we should be seeing some progress in our lives with the Sun and Pluto singing in harmony. But, Saturn will be at direct station on April 19. We may find we have little discipline, and that could bring some problems with authority figures. Also, those with dominate Capricorn in their charts may find that nothing gets done this day.

The Sun will enter Taurus on April 20, and this will motivate us to slow down and enjoy life. And then, on Saturday, April 21, Mercury will be forming a grand trine with Jupiter and Saturn. This will expand our interests, and also help us make realistic decisions. It will also be a great day for any kind of serious communication. On Sunday, Earth Day, April 22, we may find our imaginations are very creative, but we may go too far with the extravagances. Use extra caution spending.

We may find some excitement in our love lives on April 25 and 26 as Venus argues with Uranus. Passion could flare up, good and bad. Also Mercury and Pluto will be happy with one another, and this could bring some powerful messages, or some we may come up with some new ideas to transform our lives. Our focus could turn to relationships on April 26 and 27, as Venus interacts with Saturn and Jupiter. We may find a new seriousness in our own attitudes towards loved ones.

As the month ends we may find ourselves dealing with excess energy, with Mars joining forces with Uranus. But, don't press your luck, because Mars (energy) will also be square (negative) to Jupiter (opportunity). But, Venus will be singing with Neptune, so even if we do screw up, our loved ones will be there to support us.

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast. (This article can be reprinted freely online, as long as the entire article and this bio is included.)

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Astrology and Unaspected Planets [Part 1 of 2]

One of the rare oddities of astrology is the occurrence of finding an unaspected planet in a chart. Our first inclination is to not know what to do with this, which is why for many years astrologers have interpreted this as a "dumb note on a chart."

Yet, everything occurs for a reason, and the occurrence of birth at a time when one of the planets was not in aspect to any other has a reason too. Throughout the individual's life, this planet looms just beyond their reach, suggesting that this must be dealt with it in a different way than their other planets.

To understand this, we have to realize that each planet stands for something,- a particular energy needed for the individual's life, and it is the proper balance and integration of all the planets in an individual's chart that helps them to lead a normal and productive life. If a planet cannot be integrated with the rest of the horoscope, then the individual feels a lack of everything the planet's energies symbolize.

For example, an unaspected Venus could suggest that the individual seems to have no say or control over the direction their love life takes. An unaspected Saturn could make it difficult for a person to take charge of organizing their plans for life in practical ways. Whatever the planet is, the individual tends to lack having any say in the outcome of events in that area of life.

Now we have to ask ourselves, what purpose is there in this? We ask this, because if we know the universe at all, we understand that everything has a purpose and meaning, even if some things seem obscure.

From a Karmic point of view, we could infer that the unaspected planet is something the individual has not yet earned mastery enough with that they can trust their own decisions in this area of life. We might even ask if the individual is being denied the use of a planet as some kind of karmic retribution or punishment?

[Continued in Part 2]

You can find a much more thorough treatment of Karma, its implications and Karmic Astrology by this author here

Martin Schulman is the published author of over 50 astrology Best-Sellers in many languages. He is recognized as the founder of Karmic Astrology,- seeing life as a continuation of soul lessons it began in past lives. More articles, stories, site features, and astrological information from this author known for so many excellent Astrology Books.

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Astrology and Unaspected Planets (Part 2 of 2)

From a purely cosmic point of view, we can see how someone who misused a planet terribly in past lives might have to learn through different incarnations how to use the planet correctly.

Thus, they might incarnate with limited use of the planet and in each successive incarnation providing they use it correctly, gradually gain more consistent use and better experiences with the planet by aspect, sign, placement in house and degree until they eventually earn the right to have it well aspected in a ruling position.

Thus, there is a progression of learning that takes place over time and the unaspected planet can be seen as an earlier stage in this progression.

We might ask ourselves, what can the person be learning from living a life with an unaspected planet that will better prepare them for a more useful planet position the next time around?

For one thing, we incarnate to be a better expression of our soul and fulfill a better purpose in the evolution of humanity in each life. If someone has misused a planet in a past life, then they have obviously not learned lessons of consideration, cooperation and the integral caring about those close to them, as well as the humane kindness needed to foster civilization as a whole towards a better purpose.

As such, one of their most important karmic lessons is to learn how to get along better with others. In this respect, the unaspected planet in a kind of twist of fate, will lead them to learn exactly that.

Since the lack of aspects from any of their other planets makes it impossible for the individual to marshal their forces in any coherent way with the energies of the unaspected planet, it becomes something that almost draws them to study its place in their life, prompting them to try to develop a way of connecting it to the meaning in life that they seek.

The more their own efforts are unable to control the unaspected energies, the more they become aware of missing an entire ara of life that seems unfulfilled. This forces the individual to look beyond their personal self, for other ways to somehow, even if by proxy, learn to integrate the planet's energies they seem to be lacking.

If they can somehow form a relationship with a close relative or acquaintance having aspected planets that contact their unaspected planet, then the aspects from those other planets (wherever they touch the unaspected individual's chart) become like connecters for the person with the unaspected planet,-- helping them to experience something they cannot do for their self.

Thus, the only ways the individual can usefully experience the energies of the unaspected planet as a productive force in their life, is by forming cooperative nurturing relationships with those people who have their own contact with this heavenly body.

This would explain past life misuse of the unaspected planet inasmuch as this time around the individual is in a re-learning process, and instead of the universe affording them the power to possibly harm another human being, they find themselves completely deprived of this and instead are in the subservient position of being dependent upon the love and compassion of others if they are to find any coherent benefit from the planet at all.

There are karmic implications here, for the individual in this early stage of evolution is learning to use a planet correctly and it seems that whatever the lessons of the particular planet itself are, the individual might even be learning a greater lesson in coming to terms with their dependency of needing others, which forces them to be more thoughtful, kind, considerate, and caring, of their fellow human beings- all of the things that in fact bring about the spiritual evolution of mankind.

So, the "dumb note on a chart" turns out instead to be a rather important lesson in how an individual meets their karma and evolves into a better karmic space for their soul and the soul of mankind.

How individuals karmically relate can be studied in the book Karmic Relationships by this author, which describes astrological chart contacts between two charts and the kind of relationships they produce, with special attention to those aspect contacts that contain unfinished lessons from past lives.

Martin Schulman is the published author of over 50 astrology Best-Sellers in many languages. He is recognized as the founder of Karmic Astrology,- seeing life as a continuation of soul lessons it began in past lives. More articles, stories, site features, and astrological information from this author known for so many excellent Astrology Books.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What is Attraction - Astrology May Have a Surprising Answer

Most people are convinced that attraction has to do with physical appearance. They tend to judge relationships with others based on this. To some extent there can be no doubt that physical appearance has a great deal to do with attraction. The sums paid to movie and tv stars, mostly because their appearance is pleasing to look at, proves this. Men who are taller often have better jobs than smaller fat men, for people tend to be attracted to what is pleasing to look at it, and our society pays for this in big ways.

Yet, if this is all there is to attraction, then what explains in far greater numbers, the millions of people whose lives find them in relationships with people who have none of the glamour of movie stars, and in fact may even have less than pleasing physical appearances. The fact is, that most relationships, are based on a kind of attraction that is deeper than what our physical senses can perceive.

Astrology has a much more significant answer to attraction that society as a whole would do well to consider. To understand this, think for a moment, of some unexplainable situations that have certainly occurred in your life. Have you ever found yourself attracted to someone and could not understand why? Maybe even your family and friends tried to dissuade you from pursuing a relationship with someone they might not have thought was suitable for you. Yet, you might have persisted anyway.

Not only that, but in most instances, individuals pursue anomalous relationships, regardless of pressures from families, peers, co-workers or even what they believe to be their own best judgment.

Sometimes these relationships work out, regardless of the rules of society or the social boundaries they break. Yet, the question of why these relationships exist in the first place, seems elusive to any good common sense that some of us are from time to time blessed with.

Astrology in its incredible fairness to all, never judges attractiveness by physical appearance. It recognizes the fact that some people have more pleasing features than others, and can often describe these features with different Ascendants, yet the question of why people become involved in deeply attracted relationships for no outward apparent reason happens because of a very simple astrological fact.

Every planet in your chart is in a certain zodiac sign at a certain degree. This is true for all people even though the signs and degrees are different. Attraction occurs when specific planets in another person's chart are affecting your planets.

Thus, if you are a female with Mars at a certain degree of Aries, you would find yourself attracted to any male whose Venus is at the same degree of Aries as your Mars. In the female, Mars symbolizes what she is looking for in a male, while in the male chart, Venus symbolizes what the individual idealizes in a female.

What becomes so fascinating about this, is that physical appearance, age, philosophical or religious values, income status, or a host of many other variables become secondary to the strength of the planetary magnetism that somehow brings individuals together.

Yet astrological attraction is not limited to Mars and Venus chart contacts. Astrology not only recognizes planetary attractions from all the planets, but even differentiates as to what kind of relationship these attractions are, based on the nature of the planets involved as well as the signs they are in.

As a result, if the female with Mars in Aries happened to meet someone with Saturn in Aries at the same or almost the same degree, the attraction would be more of a student-teacher relationship, where Mars the planet of youth learns from Saturn the planet of old age and wisdom.

So, the next time you see what appears to be the most unlikely couple walking down the street, especially if it is a tall young statuesque woman with a short fat bald man, just remember, what they feel is written in the stars, way beyond the standards of physical attraction.

A complete study of Attraction can be found in the book Karmic Relationships by this author, which describes astrological chart contacts between two charts and the kind of relationships they produce, with special attention to those aspect contacts that contain unfinished lessons from past lives.

Martin Schulman is the published author of over 50 astrology Best-Sellers in many languages. He is recognized as the founder of Karmic Astrology,- seeing life as a continuation of soul lessons it began in past lives. More articles, stories, site features, and astrological information from this author known for so many excellent Astrology Books

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