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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Indian Marriages - Astrology Guides

Most of the Indian arranged marriages are decided on the merits of the astrological match; after the preliminaries of course. The preliminaries do cover a lot of territory such as social status equation, financial stability etc. The families involved would prefer to involve with families of equal status.

Priority in the list of merits should be Paapagriha saamya. There are three counts; papa-griha-saamya, dasaa-sandhi & sama dasa and star-match in this order.

The first step is the valuation of the paapa-griha in both the horoscopes and it should be equal or the valuation of the girl?s horoscope should be very slightly less than that of the boys?.

Dasa-sandhi should be matching. In our life, there are 9 dasaas in this order, venus-14 years, sun-6 years, moon-10 years, mars-7 years, rahu-18 years, jupitar-16 years, Saturn-19 years and mercury-17 years and kethu- 7 years, and the total will be 120 years, a man?s life time; and if a person lives beyond this age, the dasaas will start all over gain from the beginning. For every one at the time of birth a different dasa starts according to the star. No matter which part of dasa starts these dasas and will continue in this order only. During some of these dasaas, a person has to suffer a lot, and during some other dasaas he will have every thing in perfect harmony. This simply means there are good times and bad times in our lives. When the husband is going through a bad dasaa, the wife?s dasa should be good, supporting her husband?s bad time. This way their life together balances out, to enable them to lead a normal life with minimum storms and upheavals. In case both the husband and wife face bad dasa at the same time, disaster will strike. This could even be fatal. On could lose his or her life or something equally bad.

The third step is star-match, in the order of preference. There are Rasi match, Rasyadhipan match, Vasyam, Ganam, Yoni, Dhinam, Mahendram, Sthree deergham, Rajju and Vedham. Out of ten, more number of matches are preferred.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Indian Marriages and Astrology

Most of the Indian marriages are arranged in accordance with the astrological match making scale. This scale is used to measure the groom-bride match. Is it a good match? The parents and close relatives ask in all sincerity. They are concerned. Nothing should go wrong in this marriage. They should live happily for a long long time. They want to be sure. How do they make sure? Astrology can guide you to a very great extend.

Every one of us belongs to a particular category, based on our date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. Astrology can very clearly identify a person and his personality, based on this category. Two persons born at the same time, date and place will have a lot in common, even if they are growing up at two extreme and opposite environments. If one is a barbarian or a near animal and the other a highly educated and civilized person, there will still be a lot in common. No matter how much you try to improve the person, or his personality the core of the person will be the same.

The boy and the girl are two different personalities with distinct nature and character. With the help of astrology, the acceptable differences can be identified. Tolerable differences will also be considered favorably in match making. There are three important groups, Paapa griha saamyam, Dasa-sandhi & sama-dasa and Star-match and the astrological verification should clear the match.

It is impossible or nearly impossible to find a perfect match. Subject to minimum conditions of acceptance, the match-making will be approved by the elders.

The marriage will take place. It may not be a perfect marriage, but it will certainly be a smooth sail, the best you can expect in life.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Try An Astrology Reading To See What The Stars Predict For You

If you're a keen astrology fan, you'll enjoy getting astrology readings both online and off. Personally I get several free ones each day via e-mail; though it's amusing how they're all so different! But it's no less than you'd expect given how they're not based on my detailed personal birth data, and why I only read them for fun.

Not that I'd ever advocate making any serious decisions based on astrology anyway. I regard it as more of a curiosity, albeit one that dates back centuries to the Ancient Babylonians. Whatever my daily horoscope advises me, I'd rather go by a combination of reason and intuition anyway - unless it's telling me to buy a lottery ticket, then I think it might be worth the chance given that it's only a buck or two out of pocket if I'm wrong.

So that's my take on generalized astrology readings: they're just a harmless bit of fun. It gets more interesting when you have a full birth chart done, based on your full personal details - that is to say, birthplace, date and time of birth (although you can still have one done if you don't know the time - it just won't be so accurate). This allows an in-depth reading of your character; plus, if you want that service too, your horoscope compatibility or synastry with another person astrologically.

Of course a full astrology chart can enable the astrologer to make predictions about your future; but whether or not you believe in them is another matter. Some people simply like the psychological insights an astrology reading can give into their own and their loved ones' nature; others believe that the future isn't fated or predetermined and therefore cannot be accurately forecast by any method. Some probably fall somewhere between the two viewpoints, believing some things are destined to happen, with others more under our own control.

Whichever you believe, you might want to try some astrology readings out of curiosity. Some sites will give you a sample first; then you could opt for a paid chart if you're intrigued enough to want to know more. Most people know their own star sign in the Western zodiac; but there's an Eastern one too, plus Chinese astrology, so you could try each one in turn to see which describes your character best. You might even be surprised at the accuracy of a chart, and at least you can try free astrology first!

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