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Friday, May 29, 2009

Love is in the Stars - Relationship Astrology part 2 - The Sun and Moon.

This is #2 in a series of relationship astrology articles.

The Vedic Sciences, which include Yoga, Ayurveda and Astrology have long known the relationship to our inner and outer environments and the impact and interrelatedness of both. Central to this interrelatedness is our relationship with other people, and primarily our partner. Vedic Astrology has been helping couples relate in empowering ways for thousands of years. The archetypes of Male and female are shown in Astrology as the relationship between the Sun and the Moon.

Man and Woman - Sun and Moon

In Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra, the Sun and Moon are described. Masculine energy is related to the Sun. Feminine energy is related to the Moon

Description of Surya. (The Sun) Surya's eyes are honey-colored. He has a square body. He is of clean habits, bilious, intelligent and has limited hair (on his head).

Description of Chandra (The Moon) Chandra is windy and phlegmatic. She is learned and has a round body. She has auspicious looks and sweet speech, is fickle-minded and very lustful.

Attributes of the Sun and Moon (Man and Woman) are compared:

* Body: The man has a square body; the woman has a round body. * Process: The man is filled with intelligence; the woman is filled with knowing. * Looks: Sun, The man has honey colored eyes; the woman has auspicious looks. * Constitution: The man is bilious (fiery); the woman is watery and windy. * Psychology: The man is consistent; the woman is fickle minded

Let's explore these characteristics:

The Moon is the most changeable of all the planets. It is the fastest moving; it is different everyday. The round body of the Moon shows the woman's changeability and creativity. She is susceptible to rolling here and there, depending on which way the wind is blowing or other environmental conditions. Yet this changeability also makes her creative and adaptable, which helps the man not stay so fixed so as to become rigid. His square body shows the consistency of his actions. A square is a structure of support upon which other objects can be placed. This allows for vertical growth.

The intelligence of the man is of the mind. The knowing of the woman is of the heart. Intelligence comes from a rational perspective then moves forward. Knowing comes from an emotional place and generally reflects backward. This is why women tend to rely on memories. Men tend to want to move forward, looking for solutions, which are of the future. Their needs to be balance and a sharing of both attributes, a thoughtful consideration of the past combined with an intelligence course of action for the future.

The woman's auspicious looks, attracts the man's honey colored eyes. Women want the man's attention and like attracting it. Men like to look at women. The woman's sweet speech and knowing attracts and supports the man's intelligence.

Man has a fiery constitution, which is related to competition, passion and digestion. The nature of fire is independent. It has the capacity to illuminate, purify and provide warmth. The nature of water is connective. It has capacity to sensitize, nourish and heal. Yet fire can also lead to anger and excessive desire. Water can also lead to excessive emotion, drowning in a flood of dependency.

She is fickle minded. The square body of the man reassures her. A square is solid and not so easily moved, thus when she is rolling around she would like to knock into a solid surface.

Relationship Astrology Attributes

These are essential truths, stripped of artifice and modern political correctness. Of course all people have both qualities of the Sun and Moon within them. But in relationships, the woman wants to surrender her Moon to the man's Sun and he wants to give his Sun to her Moon. She surrenders her heart to him and he surrenders his power to her - or NOT.

Each gender ultimately seeks to assimilate attributes of both male and female; but until our essential gender strength is validated in the partnership, we will not be able to relax and evolve toward our opposite. We all want to merge with that opposite energy, to assimilate the qualities inspired by our opposite and to inspire assimilation in them. We all want to be free and unburdened of the responsibilities of the limiting qualities of our gender, but this unburdening must come from a position of strength, not confusion.

Learning how to do this dance gracefully without the woman feeling abused and/or the man feeling powerless is the trick.

Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) is a certified Vedic astrologer and author of "The Ascendant". He offers a free email course "Stellar Relationships" - Horoscope Compatibility Astrology which elucidates Vedic relationship astrology.
He also offers a Free Daily Horoscope Podcast

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Astrology and the Stars Within Us

Astrology the missing link?

Every man and woman is unique among earths many forms of life. This exulted position is the gift of an advanced brain, a biological machine so complex that it parallels the universe from which it was spawned. We are the reproductive effort of earth and cosmos. In some way we must relate to the universe in which we live and astrology is one attempt to find this link between us and nature.

Shakespeare says: ? The fault is not our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings?. A well known astrologer had said: ? The stars impel; they do not compel?. St. Thomas Aquinas says: ? The planets influence the more elemental part of man than passions?, but, through his intellect man can arrange his life in harmony with the planets, and also cultivate his inherent talents and manipulate them for his betterment.

The stars within us

But astrology cannot automatically solve all your problems. You must do that yourself. Just like a doctor who can discover the nature of disease, an astrological study can only show certain aspects of your life and character. After that it is left to you adjust your way of life. Of course, the task will be made easier, knowing what it is that you are up against.

Some people are too dependent on astrology. Keep in mind that astrology is very much an imperfect discipline and even the best astrologers can make serious mistakes. Use astrology intelligently just as you would use any tool which would make your life more comfortable and more enjoyable. In the end it is you who determines what the stars are saying.

Do not expect good luck to come to you or be handed to you easily without any effort on your part. If you want to reap the harvest, you must sow the seed and it must be the right seed. You will find what you seek only if you are willing to look within yourself and with a objective mind follow the stars you find there.

Eugene DeFazzio is the webmaster of - Your guide to the stars and beyond.

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