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Monday, December 10, 2007

Here Comes The Sun (signs) - Romance, Astrology And You (part One)

Ladies, if you want to have a successful dating life, certain phrases should never come out of your glossy lips. Here they are:

1. WHEN WILL I SEE YOU AGAIN? Youll see him when you see him. If he wants to see you again, hell call. If not, next. You dont have time for anyone that doesnt have time for you.

2. WHY DIDNT YOU CALL? Theres only one answer to this question: Because he didnt want to!!! What youre really asking is, Why didnt you want to call me? Who knows!! There could be a lot of reasons, but you shouldnt be sitting around wondering why. You should be out dating lots of different guys and not worrying about ONE guy. Dont be so quick to put all your eggs into one basket, because if they break, its a big mess!

3. WHERE WERE YOU? If he wanted you to know where he was, hed tell you. What youre really asking is, Where you with another female that you like better than me? Your insecurity is showing, my dear. If anything, he should be wondering where you were.

4. I LOVE YOU (FIRST) - Youre saying it in the hopes that hell say it back, but what if he doesnt? Youll be devastated and probably feel foolish. Saying I love you is not going to speed things up if hes not ready to say it back. So just cool it, and let him be the first to say it when hes ready.

5. DID YOU SLEEP WITH HER? As long as hes not sleeping with her now, who cares? The past is gone. Dont torture yourself (and him) with these thoughts. In this case, ignorance really is bliss.

6. IM PREGNANT. In 2005, with all the birth control choices available, there is no excuse for becoming pregnant, unless you want to be. You should be using something and he should use a condom, every time.

7. WHERE IS THIS GOING? Nowhere fast if thats your attitude. Guys want someone fun and easy to be with, not someone thats constantly worrying about the future. His actions or non-actions will tell you where its going. If its going somewhere, youll know it. If its not, youll know it too.

8. WE NEED TO TALK. This is the equivalent of, Go to the principals office. Guys know its not going to be a fun conversation, so theyre already on the defense. If you need to discuss something, just casually bring it up when the both of you are relaxed. Dont try to talk to him when hes tired, stressed or trying to watch tv!

9. I HATE YOU! Even if you do, its totally uncalled for and un-lady like. If theres an issue, be mature enough to discuss it when youre calm. If hes breaking up with you, reacting with anger may make you feel better temporarily, but its best to remain calm and act unfazed. Hell wonder why youre so cool about it and that may make him re-think his decision. Always be pleasant during a break up. Do you want to be known as the girl that goes psycho if someone breaks up with her?? I didnt think so.

10. I DONT TRUST YOU. What youre actually saying is, You need to step up your game, because I can see youre up to something. If he is up to something, hell just become even sneakier. Better to think smart and act dumb-itll be easier to get the evidence you need to confirm your suspicions.

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