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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sun in Aquarius Astrology - An Astrologer Interprets Aquarian Love of Intellect and Independence

It is an interesting astrology consultation when the astrologer meets with the Aquarian; the normal unfolding of the interpretation of the chart usually is sidetracked. There is something about Aquarius that does not follow the norm, indeed one part of the Aquarians life is to find their own path that is not ho hum mundane and to seek what is different or what will set them apart from the rest of the class and assure them that their life is unique and of their own making.

One of the questions in the Aquarians mind is where do I belong? Who do I belong with? This quest along with the internal desire to be their own person, who is apart and unique from the masses, will propel them on a journey to live and experience life outside of the zone of where they grew up. It is their fate to seek out people that will bring them different experiences than what they would have if they married the boy next door and moved into a home 6 blocks from the high school they attended.

Another question the Aquarian will be faced with is: Are you really my friend? And what does it mean to be a friend? This concern can begin at a young age, do not dismiss your Aquarian child feelings if they are hurt or upset over a friend from preschool or school. A breach in trust from friends can begin from a young age and carry into adult hood. That said the Aquarian has a way of collecting different groups of friends that may or may not always mix with each other, but what fun that can be.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, this means that the intellect is very important to them, they will identify with what they know and have discovered to be truth. Somewhere in life the Aquarius was not respected or was ignored for what they knew and he or she will be offended if you dismiss their ideas. They are strong minded but willing to be open and engage in discussion if you are intelligent and have new knowledge to offer.

Astrology traditionally connects Aquarius to being independent and not wanting to make a commitment. While that may be true for some, as a long time astrologer I find that many Aquarians are very happy in committed relationships and do not have problems with commitment as long as they do not feel coerced or forced into a relationship or situation. If the commitment is from an ultimatum and they do not feel it is of their own choosing, watch out, it will backfire.

If you are an Aquarius you will be happier if you have space and freedom to do as you please in a work situation, being micro managed does not make for an environment for you to be the best you can be. Having the luxury of doing the job the way you see fit will work out best for you and the company you work for.

The Aquarian learned early in life to detach from situations that were too volatile or emotionally charged. Sometimes it was from a family environment where there was confusion or fighting, and they learned to emotional disconnect in order to be protected. Other times it was expected of them to be intellectual about an emotional decision, they were taught that identifying with the intellect will be better for them than being overly emotional. This intellectual component does not mean the Aquarian does not have emotions, not at all. It means that they will be intellectual about the emotions and may debate their position on a topic they are very passionate about with a stack of facts and reasons.

Astrology is a great resource to help understand why you do what you do, and why things are your unique trials, tribulations, and lessons. Learn astrology and you can be your own astrologer and use the guidance to find and achieve self awareness and a happier life.

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