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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Making Money Through Astrology

As you can probably figure out, astrologist's are very wealthy people. You see them on TV all the time and they seem pretty exciting and mysterious. What exactly do they do and how can you become one?

First of all, what do astrologers do and who are they? Astrologers are regular people with a lot of knowledge about how the universe works and how it influences different individuals. They are not superheroes and they do not have superpowers, mind reading abilities, or any other powers a comic book character may have. They learn to interpret the position of the celestial bodies and help people resolve their astrological problems.

What are astrological problems? There is a constant flow of energy throughout the universe. This flow can have a positive or a negative impact on you. An astrologer can help you get through the times when the universe is sending you negative energy, during which you can get yourself in a lot of messes. You may be surprised that some of your regular problems are actually astrological - stress, sleeping disorders, eating problems, weight problems, and many more.

You can become a professional astrologer and help others and yourself get rid of all your astrological problems. As the internet has become the better way to shop, bank, read, etc, so it has become the better way to study. Online courses are first of all more affordable and you don't have to waste your time driving somewhere just to attend. You can study from your home, whenever you desire.

A good place to start looking is the White Astrology website. You can learn and start working as an astrologer within seven days. What I like about this site is that the material is not made up by someone who doesn't know anything about astrology. The material that you will learn is designed by an outstanding astrologer that you can benefit a lot from.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

5 Ways to Find a Good Astrologer

When searching for an astrologer, it can be very hard to weed out the good from the fraud. The reality is that most of the astrologers you find online aren't actual astrologers, but people with pricey astrology software who input your birth data, press a few buttons, and out comes your astrology reading. While astrological software has its merits, it's wrong for someone to purchase a reading believing they're getting something unique to themselves. No matter how good astrology software is, it can't replace the actual astrologer, who can spot subtle nuances a computer can't. And hey, is it really fair to shell out $100 to someone for a reading when it only takes them less than five minutes to do it?

That being said, it's hard to find someone who is a true practitioner, so here are a few things to try:

1) Ask people you know for a personal reference if they've gotten a reading from someone and what their experience was. If it's someone you trust, there's no better place to start.

2) Once you've gotten a few astrologers picked out that you're interested in, contact them and ask if they can give you any references. Be warned though, that they could be giving you the name of a friend or family member who'd vouch for them no matter what, so choose your questions carefully. Two questions to ask that can give you a clue are "What is their turnaround time?" and "How long was the reading?" (For long readings, it should not be very fast, yet many of the astrological programs will be 25-50 pages - if you receive a reading that long that only took a few days, that's a clue. Readings should generally also vary in length from person to person, so if you notice that everyone you talk to had a reading the same length, that can be another clue. Make sure to ask these questions with tip #3 as well).

3) Join an online forum/message board/community focused on astrology or metaphysical pursuits and ask who people recommend and what their experiences were.

4) See if the astrologer has written books or articles on astrology, or if they have a blog where they talk about astrology. This can help show you whether or not they truly know and understand astrology.

5) Check if they're members of astrology associations. The big one in the U.S. is the American Federation of Astrologers ( They give extensive astrological exams in order to qualify as a student, teacher, or professional. It should be noted that there are many good astrologers not with them (in fact, many of the most well-known and successful are not), but it's a good resource.

Nic has been studying astrology for 7 1/2 years and has given nearly 1,000 readings. Find her site at, or follow her blog at

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sun in Aquarius Astrology - An Astrologer Interprets Aquarian Love of Intellect and Independence

It is an interesting astrology consultation when the astrologer meets with the Aquarian; the normal unfolding of the interpretation of the chart usually is sidetracked. There is something about Aquarius that does not follow the norm, indeed one part of the Aquarians life is to find their own path that is not ho hum mundane and to seek what is different or what will set them apart from the rest of the class and assure them that their life is unique and of their own making.

One of the questions in the Aquarians mind is where do I belong? Who do I belong with? This quest along with the internal desire to be their own person, who is apart and unique from the masses, will propel them on a journey to live and experience life outside of the zone of where they grew up. It is their fate to seek out people that will bring them different experiences than what they would have if they married the boy next door and moved into a home 6 blocks from the high school they attended.

Another question the Aquarian will be faced with is: Are you really my friend? And what does it mean to be a friend? This concern can begin at a young age, do not dismiss your Aquarian child feelings if they are hurt or upset over a friend from preschool or school. A breach in trust from friends can begin from a young age and carry into adult hood. That said the Aquarian has a way of collecting different groups of friends that may or may not always mix with each other, but what fun that can be.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, this means that the intellect is very important to them, they will identify with what they know and have discovered to be truth. Somewhere in life the Aquarius was not respected or was ignored for what they knew and he or she will be offended if you dismiss their ideas. They are strong minded but willing to be open and engage in discussion if you are intelligent and have new knowledge to offer.

Astrology traditionally connects Aquarius to being independent and not wanting to make a commitment. While that may be true for some, as a long time astrologer I find that many Aquarians are very happy in committed relationships and do not have problems with commitment as long as they do not feel coerced or forced into a relationship or situation. If the commitment is from an ultimatum and they do not feel it is of their own choosing, watch out, it will backfire.

If you are an Aquarius you will be happier if you have space and freedom to do as you please in a work situation, being micro managed does not make for an environment for you to be the best you can be. Having the luxury of doing the job the way you see fit will work out best for you and the company you work for.

The Aquarian learned early in life to detach from situations that were too volatile or emotionally charged. Sometimes it was from a family environment where there was confusion or fighting, and they learned to emotional disconnect in order to be protected. Other times it was expected of them to be intellectual about an emotional decision, they were taught that identifying with the intellect will be better for them than being overly emotional. This intellectual component does not mean the Aquarian does not have emotions, not at all. It means that they will be intellectual about the emotions and may debate their position on a topic they are very passionate about with a stack of facts and reasons.

Astrology is a great resource to help understand why you do what you do, and why things are your unique trials, tribulations, and lessons. Learn astrology and you can be your own astrologer and use the guidance to find and achieve self awareness and a happier life.

To learn astrology go to Donna Page MS will show you how to be your own astrologer and use the secrets of astrology to have the life you want.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sun in Sagittarius Astrology - An Astrologer Interprets the Sagittarius Need For Freedom and Truth

If you are an astrologer about to consult with a Sagittarius, be straight to the point and honest. The Sagittarius wants you to tell them the truth whatever that may be. In fact the major quest in the Sagittarians life is the quest for truth and the need to know. There are different paths that other astrology signs follow to find their own truth, but the Sagittarian wants the direct path. They adopt an outgoing and inquisitive attitude from a young age which can endear them to teachers early on only to create problems in young adult hood as a know it all.

One question always present in the back of the Sagittarius mind will be: "Can I believe you? Are telling the truth? Do you know something I don't know?" The astrology for the Sagittarian tells us that they are destined to question belief systems, whether it is a religious belief system, a social belief system, or the belief structure that they grew up with. "What do I believe" is another underlying question that propels them on their personal journey in life.

The need to know can be a burden the Sagittarius unconsciously carries, it drives them to find out knowledge which is a good quality, however when they encounter a situation in life when they do not have the answers, or do not know what to do next it is very uncomfortable for them.

The conditioning for truth and knowledge is usually laid at a very young age. Many times the Sagittarius was lied to even under the guise for their own good, but when they found out what the "real" answer was such as there really isn't a Santa Claus, then an indignation can occur that will lead them to want to know or needing to know.

They learn that the truth can be powerful, and when they have the answer they can be either accepted, such as a good student answering questions, or made wrong, such as when they were a preschooler and they found out that Santa Claus was not real and they told the other children.

This making wrong leads them to be very sensitive to being judged. The Sagittarius person destiny is to understand the role of judgment, they can be very sensitive to what they believe is right, or their version of the truth, and judge others. Many times the Sagittarian does not realize that he or she is judging on a constant basis. This is part of human nature but more intense with Sagittarius. The judgment comes from the underlying need to have the answer, therefore is examining the world through what is right or wrong and sizing people and situations up against a preconceived opinion.

When they find a better solution or better answer they are willing to move on and adopt a new belief or philosophy. The gift that the Sagittarian has to bring to the world is to explore for the answers then share what they know with others. This can lead them into problems in romantic relationships if the relationship was first established with a teacher student feeling, as it will become old.

The Sagittarian many times will find at a point in their life troubled with a law suit. This seems to be a fated circumstance as the lesson of the law suit is to not only fight for what they believe in but also to learn to know when what they want to believe to be right or just and what the law says can be two different things.

It is important for the Sagittarius individual to be free to follow where their quest takes them. If you are a Sagittarius do not get tied down with an over abundance of obligations or your spirit will be stifled. The pursuit of financial wealth for the Sagittarius is usually connected with wanting to be free. Freedom to travel or the freedom of not being restricted to a budget feels natural. This leads the Sagittarius to take financial risk at times; in essence to gamble for the big payoff which may or may not work out as anticipated.

Astrology is a great resource to help understand why you do what you do, and why certain situations are your unique trials, tribulations, and lessons. Learn astrology and you can be your own astrologer and use the guidance to find and achieve self awareness and a happier life.

To learn astrology go to Donna Page MS is an astrologer that promotes the ability to create the life you want faster and with ease by becoming in tune with the influence of the planets. She offers free reports on how the planets can impact you personally and globally.

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